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DiMoro Sports
(Anthony DiMoro, Founder of DiMoro Sports)

DiMoro Sports was created by Anthony DiMoro in December 2016 as both a partner site to Sports Rants, a compliment to that brand, and as a way for writers who want to break into sports journalism, start their career in sports media, sharpen their skills and/or just have a fun time talking sports.

DiMoro Sports aims to produce content that is analytical as well as opinionated. While Sports Rants is geared towards opinionated takes, DiMoro Sports is more based in statistical information and facts to form stories, beyond the headlines.

We are always looking for writers to join our team. If you are interested in joining DiMoro Sports, please check out our writing page for more information.

Anthony DiMoro is a sports media personality, internet marketing/SEO expert, CEO, entrepreneur, podcast host and a contributor to multiple sports media outlets including Forbes, Sports Rants and Huffington Post as well as DiMoro Sports.