Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley Unsure About Tyrod Taylor’s Status For Next Season

Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley still hasn’t decided if the franchise is committed to quarterback Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback for next season.

Whaley told WGR 550 that the team had not made a decision regarding retaining Taylor for the 2017 regular season.

“No, no, no,” Whaley said when asked if any decisions have been made.

“We’ve said from Day 1 that we’re going to give him this whole season, and after that, we’ll sit down with the coaches, the ownership group and make the decision.”

“You got to look at the whole season,” Whaley said. “He’s got four more games to write this chapter. And then after this season, like everybody on the team, we’re going to do the evaluation, and we’ll go from there. But this season is one of those things where he’s done some things really good to get us to six wins. But just like everybody on the team, there are some plays that he wishes he could do over.”

As part of the contract extension that Taylor signed with Buffalo back in August, the Bills must guarantee Taylor $30 million if he remains on the Bills’ roster past the fourth day of the 2017 league year, which officially begins in March.

Taylor has shown some frustration after a number of poor performances this season, the latest in a loss to the Oakland Raiders.

“I’ve taken everything that y’all have stood up here and asked me, right in the chest,” Taylor said during a news conference. “It doesn’t affect me emotionally or physically. I take that every week. Whoever y’all want to blame, I’ll take that. Like I said, my job is to get the team into a position where we can win Sundays. Can I be better, yes? But it doesn’t just take me; it’s a collective effort out there on the field, each and every Sunday.”

“I would not [like to see him play],” Whaley told WGR 550. “That means something terrible happened, and we’re not looking for that. What we’re looking for is to come out Sunday and get a W against the Steelers.”



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