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Is It Time To Panic For The Detroit Lions?

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After the Lions were able to get to a surprising 9-4 record, fans were optimistic and hoping to see their team clinch the division since 1993. With a tough stretch for the remaining three games of the season, the Lions knew that they had to at least win one to make the playoffs, and two to know that they would clinch the division.

These games: at New York Giants, at Dallas Cowboys, and vs. the Green Bay Packers, really were going to show what this team was made of. The worst case scenario that the Lions could see what is they lost all three games, and end up not making the playoffs.

With two of these games played, the Lions have lost both and it seems like the team is losing momentum by the week. They were able to keep it close with the Giants most of the game, but a timely fumble by Zach Zenner changed everything in that game and they ended up losing 17-6.

Then, on Monday Night Football, the Lions went into Dallas, where they have not had pleasant history at, were able to hang with the Cowboys in the first half, but then collapsed in the second half and ended up losing 42-21.

Now, the Lions face the Green Bay Packers, who have won their last five games, at home in a game for the NFC North division and for a playoff spot in the NFC. Now, the Lions can still make the playoffs if the Redskins lose to the New York Giants this week, but what would be best for the Lions would be to clinch the division, and have a home game for the playoffs.

I am here to say that it is time to panic if you are the Lions. There are games that you can look back in the season and say that they should have won because if they did, they wouldn’t have to worry about this in the first place. Losses such as, at Chicago, or at home against Tennessee, definitely sound like winnable games that they ended up losing.

And now with the situation that they are in, there backs are up against the wall and it isn’t looking too good from here. Lions fans have witnessed this too many times before and at this point, feel like they are preparing for the worst to happen.

They have had so many instances where this has happened before, that Lions fans are already preparing for this to happen.

The worst part about this too, is that quarterback Matthew Stafford is playing at an MVP-like level and in the end, it could be all for nothing.

Most of the teams wins this season have came down to the last possession, and Matt Stafford has been able to lead his team to victory. Not to forget either, Matt Stafford has done this all without his former top target for years, Calvin Johnson.

But, this looks familiar to the year they did make the playoffs back in 2014 and they could end up pulling this off.

This style of football though has shown that it is starting to wear thin on the team and the past two games, they haven’t been able to even keep it close enough to get into this situation. If the Lions are ready to go in this game against the Packers, then it will come down to the wire. But, at this point, I can’t see this happening at the pace that the Packers are playing at.

But, we have seen crazier things before and you better believe that all eyes will be on this game come Sunday Night.

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