Finding a Fit: Who’s Next for Cleveland?

Who Goes First?

With the 2016 College Football Season coming to an end, the question everyone’s tasked with is, who goes first? The decision will crumble down to the needs of the Cleveland Browns who have the #1 Pick. There are a few teams looking to fill their rosters with the talent going into the upcoming draft.

Top Prospects:

Now that the 2016-17 NCAA College football season has ended, there is much speculation over who’s the first overall pick. The Cleveland Browns went just 1-15 this season and struggled in many areas personnel-wise.

Currently there is a close battle for number one amongst the prospective draftees. Many analysts have the Browns taking Texas A&M defensive end, Myles Garrett. Garrett is a 6’4, 268 lb. stud and could help a struggling Browns’ defense. The Browns finished