Where Each Losing NFL Playoff team can Improve (Round 2)

Each of the NFL teams that lost in the Divisional round of the Playoffs were very close to winning their games. From those games, you could tell where each team needed to improve if they wanted to win that game. Here is where each team could improve after their last games of the 2016-2017 season.

Dallas Cowboys

After their loss to Green Bay, it looks like the Cowboys are in need of help in the secondary. They were at full strength on defense and still were unable to get timely stops down the stretch of the game. A big name corner-back or safety would definitely help bolster Dallas’ secondary and help prevent them from getting picked apart again.

This loss showed that the Cowboys offense is very talented and they can handle the big stage and expect that for years to come, but if they want to get over that last bump in the road, improving the defense is where it starts.

Kansas City Chiefs

For the Chiefs, this team is very well balanced on both sides of the ball. If I could see where they could make improvement, it would probably be in the receiver’s category. They do have threats in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, but they need one more weapon to really help sp

Look for the Chiefs to help find another weapon for Alex Smith on offense. (Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Matthew Bragg)

read the field out.

Since Hill is more of a speed threat than a catching threat, the Chiefs do need to find a guy that Alex Smith can trust to throw the ball up to in order to make a play.

Now, they do have Jeremy Maclin, who they thought would be able to fill that role, but injuries haven’t helped him and he is also more of a speed threat than a catching threat. If they could find somebody who is a reliable pair of hands, with their short pass offense, could really be a huge factor for them.

Seattle Seahawks

In their loss to the Falcons, the defense had its moments where it looked totally lost. I don’t know whether that is a lack of communication between the players, or bad coaching, or lack of talent, but the Seahawks do need help in the secondary.

The linebackers and defensive line for the Seahawks are phenomenal, but the secondary got shredded against the Falcons. Now, they didn’t have Earl Thomas, who is one of the top safeties in the league, which probably did play a huge factor in the secondary getting burnt, but Seattle ultimately needs to find another efficient corner-back alongside Richard Sherman.

If they can find another talented corner-back who can fit the Seahawks defense of tight man-to-man coverage, then expect the Legion of Boom to make another appearance in the postseason.

Houston Texans

Last year, the Texans made the playoffs, got humiliated at home, and were in need of a proven quarterback. The team then goes out and signs Brock Osweiler to a huge contract, only to be let down by poor quarterback play again to be eliminated from the playoffs.

I would say that the team would have to go for another quarterback, but they are stuck with Osweiler for a few more years so I will not say quarterback. Since defensive tackle Vince Wilfork hinted at retirement after the game, I would say that Houston needs to look at a defensive tackle for the future.

Whether it is in the draft or in free agency, Houston will need to find a great compliment on the defensive line to Clowney and Watt and when they do, expect Houston to be a top defense in the league for years to come.


Overall, I expect each of these teams to address these needs in the off season. Whether is it is in the draft or in free agency, these teams will look for improvements in each of those categories in order for them to take that extra effort to get to the Super Bowl.