WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? January 16, 2017

With less than two weeks until the Royal Rumble, both Raw and Smackdown have established their main events for their brand shows, and now are just doing their best to build up the Royal Rumble match, which should be the most stacked Rumble this has ever been. Let’s see how each show did this week.

The Good

For Raw, the brawling to start and finish the show was easily the best part of the show. The brawl at the beginning helped show that Brock Lesnar is ready for the Royal Rumble and helped build up his stock for the Rumble, and shows that he isn’t shaken anymore from the loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series.

The brawl at the end of the show was just as good because it featured the Raw main event stars with Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens and it had bodies flying everywhere.

The end result was Kevin Owens power bombing Roman Reigns through the announcers table, which anytime somebody is getting put through the announcers table, makes for great television.

Along with that, Raw had a great tag team championship match between Sheamus and Cesaro versus Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Even though there was a controversial finish to the match, it helped build up the rivalry between these two teams more and definitely setup another future title match between the teams.

For Smackdown, bringing back the Elimination Chamber was a great way to start their show off. We didn’t get the chance to see the Elimination Chamber last year so it will be nice to see it make a comeback on the road to Wrestlemania.

Now, depending on who will be the WWE champion for it will be a big influence on how this match will feel.

Also, Smackdown brought back a superstar to their show with Mickie James, who revealed herself as La Luchadora during the main event of the Women’s Championship match. It is great to see James back because she can help give it a much needed bolster for the women’s division on Smackdown

The Bad

For Raw, I really didn’t see any bad from this show. Every match had a purpose, every promo they had was well-planned, and the brawling at the beginning of the show and the end of the show was awesome. Usually, Raw has flaws during its show, but they really did a great job this week.

For Smackdown, the main event didn’t really live up to the hype that it had. The purpose of the match was to emphasize that there is NO ESCAPE and so that La Luchadora couldn’t interfere in a steel cage match. But, during most of the match, the women were trying to escape the cage and barely used it as a weapon, AND La Luchadora still ended up interfering in the match.

Now, we did get to see the return of Mickie James, but I feel that Smackdown could’ve used a different ending to show. Instead of her just walking right into the cage and attacking Becky Lynch, they could’ve done something else to show her interfere, like stopping her from touching both feet to the ground, etc. It will be interesting to see where this story goes from here though, but this match as the main event was a disappointment.

The Final Verdict

The past few weeks have belonged to Smackdown in 2017, but Raw definitely wins this week on who had the better show. They had Brock Lesnar make a dominant appearance, had solid matches all around, and delivered with a great main event.

Raw had been struggling to start off 2017 with repetitive matches and poorly organized promos. But, they redeemed themselves this week and with the Royal Rumble less than two weeks away, I expect Raw to put on another great show before the PPV.