Tony Dungy Admits Colts Stole Signals, Says Everyone Was Doing It

Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy had some choice words in response to criticism pointed his way by Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders.

Sanders, an analyst for NFL Network, accused the Dungy coached Indianapolis Colts of stealing signals after Sunday’s Super Bowl. The comments came after Ladanian Tomlinson, fellow analyst, said that some may question the New England Patriots success because of Spygate.

“Those same critics, did they say anything about the wins that the Indianapolis Colts had? You want to talk about that, too? Because they were getting everybody’s signals,” Sanders said.

“Come on, you don’t walk up to the line and look over here and the man on the sideline giving you the defense that they’ve stolen the plays of. We all knew. LT knew. Everybody in the NFL knew. We just didn’t let the fans know. That was real and that was happening in Indy.”

Dungy, who was a guest on “Pro Football Talk Live” on Wednesday defended himself saying that the Colts, like all other teams, did steal signals, but he stood firm saying that the team never cheated.

“I think we have to go back to what is cheating,” Dungy said. “People accusing us of cheating? I don’t think that’s the case. Stealing signals? You can go back to the 1800s in baseball, you can go anywhere there were signals done, and people were looking and watching and trying to get signals.”

“And that’s what happened,” Dungy said. “And you looked over there because you wanted to know as a defensive player: Is it going to be three wide receivers? Is it going to be two tight ends? Who’s in the game? There’s a person over there signaling and Deion Sanders and every other defensive player would look at the offensive sideline to get that signal.

“So that is football. And I’m not sure what Deion is referring to, really. … That’s all part of the game, but doing it legally and illegally, that’s the difference. I hope Deion is not saying we did something illegally. Of course we got signals when we had an opportunity to do that, and so did Deion.”

Former Indianapolis Colts linebacker Gary Brackett chimed in by speaking to ESPN. Brackett called Sanders’ comments “laughable and funny”.

“I think the sophisticated teams, everyone knows what play is going to get ran. Then it comes down to execution and what team has been coached the best and has the most disciplined players that can execute the game plan. Deion played on some successful teams. If you’re watching game film and you see different signals that offenses and defenses are doing, that’s just you studying and putting in the work to be really good and be successful on the field. You sending a camera guy out at practice to film us, now that’s over the line.”

Brackett then gave credit to the Patriots:

“People want to say the Patriots are so good, but they cheat,” Brackett said. “No, they’re really good. I don’t necessarily like them, but I respect the hell out of New England’s greatness. We’ve witnessed greatness. They had the issues before, but you can’t deny they’ve gone out and dominated for well over a decade.”




Anthony DiMoro is a sports writer, podcast host, reporter and founder of DiMoro Sports. Anthony is also the founder of Sports Rants, CEO of Elite Rank Media and sports contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post