Jets’ Darrelle Revis Involved In Weekend Altercation According To Police, Charged With Felony Assault

New York Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis is reportedly under investigation by police for his involvement in an altercation over the weekend with two men.

According to a report from WTAE, Revis was charged Thursday night with aggravated assault, robbery, terroristic threats and conspiracy.

Attorney Blaine Jones said he would contact police to arrange for Revis to turn himself in. “He’s not going to run from a warrant,” Jones said.

The incident occurred on early Sunday morning in Pittsburgh’s popular South Side. Revis was born in Pennsylvania and played college football at the University of Pittsburgh before heading to the NFL.

Per an ESPN report, Revis was recognized by one of the two men who asked if Revis if he was Revis. The man followed Revis and started recording the altercation on his cell phone which Revis tried to take from the man to delete.

Revis’ attempt to take the phone and delete the video led to a verbal argument. The 2nd man then tried to assist in retrieving the cell phone from Revis while another man came to assist Revis.

The first two men were reportedly punched and according to witnesses were unconscious for about 10 minutes.

A Jets spokesman said the team is aware of the incident and has spoken to Revis

Revis’ attorney, Blaine Jones, said via an email to WTAE that Revis was the victim in the altercation and sought medical treatment, although he didn’t specify details of the injury:

“Mr. Revis came home to Pittsburgh this past weekend to visit family and friends. During that time, Mr. Revis went by a location in the South Side that he is in the process of developing,” Jones said via email. “Mr. Revis was physically assaulted while at that location by a group of at least five people. Mr. Revis feared for his safety and retreated from the aggressors.”

Police issued the following statement, confirming details that were previously reported by

“On Sunday, February 12 at approximately 2:43 a.m., Zone 3 Officers were dispatched to the intersection of S. 23rd and E. Carson streets for a report that two males had been knocked unconscious. According to the investigation, a 22-year-old male from Kittanning was walking along E. Carson Street when he spotted a male who resembled Aliquippa native Darrelle Revis, a cornerback in the NFL. He asked if the man was Darrell Revis and he confirmed that he was. The male began recording the interaction on his cellphone and continued following Revis. At some point, Revis snatched the cellphone away and attempted to delete the video. Another 21-year-old male from Ross Township attempted to help the 22-year-old retrieve the cellphone. Revis then tossed the phone onto the roadway. A verbal argument followed. A male came to assist Revis. Both the 22-year-old and the 21-year-old state they were punched then remember waking up to talk to police. Witnesses state the two were unconscious for about 10 minutes. The officers viewed the cellphone video and confirmed that the person was Revis. Charges are pending against the 31-year-old Revis to include robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy and aggravated assault.”


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