WWE Eyeing Goldberg/Reigns Post-WrestleMania Feud

Bill Goldberg was supposed to only come back for a one-off match with Brock Lesnar, but it has blossomed into so much more due to the success of his return and his new working relationship with WWE.

Since that match, which saw him crush Brock Lesnar is seconds, Goldberg has competed at the Royal Rumble, made several appearances on RAW, is scheduled to face Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 and is also scheduled to battle Kevin Owens at ‘Fastlane’ for the WWE Universal Championship.

According to my sources, WWE is eyeing even more for Goldberg, plans that go beyond WrestleMania 33.

The thinking right now is to follow up the Lesnar/Goldberg match with a program involving Goldberg and Roman Reigns who have teased a showdown at the Royal Rumble and a few times on RAW.

WWE is likely to want to use Goldberg to help put Reigns over and there is talk that a Reigns heel turn could be in the works, although it is unlikely.

WWE is determined to get Reigns more legitimized and if Goldberg is interested in continuing his current WWE run after Mania, then WWE will match him up with Reigns.

WWE may want to stretch that feud out until Summerslam in order to get one more major PPV out of Goldberg’s current run.



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