Jeff And Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway Done With TNA, WWE Return In Works. Possible Creative Plans

Last week I reported on the WWE carefully planning out the course for the returns of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy and that both were done with TNA (Impact Wrestling).

This week, it looks like those reports received some confirmation and that TNA is losing even more talent in the process.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that WWE is “certainly in the ballgame, if not likely,” in regards to the Hardy’s (h/t
It also has been reported that the Hardy’s are not taking independent dates past May as they may not be able to fulfill them.
It doesn’t take a crystal ball or any insider news to connect the dots on this one, but according to sources WWE has already solidified plans for both the Hardy’s return.
And about that return? It’s looking like WWE will maintain “a form” of their broken gimmick and if they do come back initially as a tag team, they will do so briefly before breaking off into singles competitors on different brands (One on RAW, one on SmackDown).
About their TNA status, Reby Hardy tweeted the following today:

Speaking of TNA departures, Drew Galloway has announced his departure from TNA/Impact Wrestling, via Twitter:

According to sources, WWE is interested in Galloway’s return, likely for NXT, but they have not opened discussions or negotiations with Galloway at this point in time.



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