Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman: ‘No idea’ What Adrian Peterson Market Will Look Like

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t 48 hours away from reaching the decision to let legendary running back Adrian Peterson hit the free agency market, but they aren’t eliminating the possibility of bringing Peterson back.

But as far as what the market will look like for Peterson, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman isn’t sure what the market will look like for the running back.

“I talked to Adrian, I was very specific with him…” Spielman said (h/t “I believe in just putting everything up front and on the table. I told him there were some areas we’d like to address. The one thing you can’t predict is what the market is going to be. Usually, you have expectations coming into this market when we get into the negotiating window with other free agents next week. You might have expectations today and all the sudden those expectations change in a week.”

When Spielman asked what the market looked like for Peterson; “I have no idea”, but Spielman is excited about the class of running backs that will be available in the NFL Draft.

“I don’t remember this amount of running backs coming out, and we just got out of our draft meetings and there is a significant amount of talent at that position,” Spielman said. “To be honest with you I can’t remember a year where the draft class at the position was this deep.”

Spielman has been in communication with Pat Shurmur and coach Mike Zimmer discussing what type of running back would best fit their scheme moving forward.

“‘Are we going to be more shotgun? Are we going to be more I-formation?’ As our offense is evolving,” he said. “But I also know the coaches do a great job of understanding what the strengths and weaknesses of the players are and trying to adjust the schemes to that as well.”


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