WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? February 27, 2017

The Good

For Raw, the brawl between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns was a great way to end the show. This brawl was entertaining from the start and saw some crazy spots! These spots include Reigns spearing Strowman through the barricade and taking a security guard with them!

The other spot was when Strowman threw Reigns into the top turnbuckle and it exploded and sent Reigns flying back! Unfortunately, the crowd was completely dead during this segment and really took the excitement out of it. Overall, this was a great way to get excited for this match at Fastlane.

For Smackdown, the whole Miz and John Cena segment on “Miz TV” was awesome. These two traded insults back and forth and really set the tone for when they face off at WrestleMania.

This segment opened up the show and took a solid 30 minutes because of all the name-calling and really helped this rivalry take steps forward. It will be interesting to see where this rivalry goes from here.

The Bad

For Raw, most of the show was bad. We saw matches that we have already seen before in this show and most of the matches were boring. Prime examples of this was when the New Day faced off against Rusev and Jinder Mahal (which we have seen multiple times already), and when Big Cass faced off against Luke Gallows.

Both of those matches were slow and didn’t really accomplish anything going into Fastlane.

Raw has been doing this for the past few weeks now. As far as the tag team division on Raw too, I don’t think it can get much worse right now.

For Smackdown, the Becky Lynch and Mickie James match was something that should’ve been interesting, only it fall flat. It was announced on Twitter that these two would face off in a two-out of-three falls match, instead of announcing it on “Talking Smack” to get fans excited for the upcoming show.

Instead, they made this announcement last minute and the match wasn’t anything special.

The Final Verdict

With Fastlane coming up, I thought Raw would put on a better show to get us pumped up for the PPV. Instead, Raw just ran lousy matches and promos. Smackdown, on the other hand, helped build up WrestleMania by running efficient promos. With that said, I will give this week to Smackdown.

The show helped build up John Cena vs. The Miz, Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose, and Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton. Overall, Smackdown will be entertaining to watch for these next few weeks as they will keep building up these rivalries as we get closer to WrestleMania!