Which MLB Teams Offer Fans The Most Bang For Their Buck

As the MLB season roars on fans continue to battle with ticket prices to attend games featuring their favorite teams.

So which MLB team’s are giving their fans the most value? Which teams are providing fans the most “bang for their buck”.

That question can be addressed by TickPick who just released their Cost Per Win Analysis. The CPW reveals how much it costs fans to watch a home team’s victory, on average.

Although the Chicago Cubs are the defending World Series champions, which has given their fans plenty to be happy about, their CPW of $178.82 is nothing to get to excited about.

TickPick’s analysis factors in a team’s projected win totals (based off Las Vegas Sportsbook Over/Unders), factor in historic home winning percentages, and compare that with the team’s average purchase price for all home games.

The Cubs have the most expensive average ticket price in baseball at $117.17.

The Toronto Blue Jays are on the other side of the spectrum in terms of value. Jays fans paying an average of $47.42 to watch a home victory.

The Jays have the 3rd-cheapest tickets in baseball at $27.53.

Want to see where your team ranks? Check out the infographic (courtesy of TickPick) below.


Anthony DiMoro is a sports writer, podcast host, reporter and founder of DiMoro Sports. Anthony is also the founder of Sports Rants, CEO of Elite Rank Media and sports contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post