The Last Spanish El Clasico for Luis Enrique

On Sunday there is going to be an entertaining match in Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona usually known as the El Clasico. This is going to be the last El Clasico mach for Barcelona coach Luis Enrique. The match will definitely be the last chance for both teams to take the charge of the Spanish league.

Barcelona are three points behind league leaders Real Madrid who also have got a game in hand. This means that if Barcelona lose the El Clasico game then they lose the chance to win the Spanish league. The main task is for  Barcelona is to ensure a win at the Barnabeu.

Since Zinadine Zidane took charge at the Barnabue, he has not lost a single El Clasico match at home against the visitors. A home win will send Real Madrid six points clear of their rivals Barcelona. A lose will give their rivals a chance to fight for the title.

As the last El Clasico match for Barcelona coach Luis Enrique since he announced that he’s stepping down as a coach at the end of the season. For Barcelona this is their last chance to give their coach a perfect send off. If they beat their rivals in this El Clasico match and win the league title.

Teams head-to-head performance

Although Barcelona are in the Copa del Rey cup final against Alves on 27th May, winning the league and the cup will be a great send off for Luis Enrique as a coach. Barcelona are facing an uphill task since they could be without one of their key striker Neymar who faces suspension.

Real Madrid could have Gareth Bale back who’s returning for injury. The Wales striker has missed the last two matches with muscle injury but was seen in training on Thursday. This  means he could contribute for his team in the El Clasico match according to  the BBC Sport.

Real Madrid are looking for their first La Liga title since they last won it in 2012. This game means a lot to Real Madrid. It will bring them closer to winning the title which has eluded them for the last five years.

Barcelona have had mixed results in their three games losing 2-0 at Malaga. They had another defeat of 3-0 in Turin against Juventus and a win over Real Sociedad. On Wednesday Barcelona were held to a nil nil draw against Juventus thus were eliminated from European champions league cup.

For Barcelona this season is not well defined the way the players have performed. Barcelona seems to luck confidence as time goes by, while Real Madrid have been having a bit of luck. Real Madrid have been winning when they are needed to, while Barcelona have been struggling to win games which could have given them great advantage to win the title.

The El Clasico is going to be a battle for the La liga title for both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Whichever team which wins the El Clasico will be the favorite to win the Spanish league for sure. This is the game to watch out on Sunday.


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