The 2018 Quarterback Class Could Haunt the Chicago Bears

The number one reason that NFL General Managers lose their jobs is simple. Failing to find the right quarterback to be the face of their franchise. So what does Ryan Pace, the Chicago Bears General Manager do? He selects North Carolina Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. After the Bears gave up a haul of draft capital to move up from the third overall pick. Que the sarcastic applause.

Not only was it a questionable decision to trade up for a quarterback in a quarterback class that is considered weak by many. The Bears recently spent big money on former Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon this off season. This choice was made with the knowledge that next years 2018 quarterback class is considered being considerably deeper.

You’re Not Alone, Bears Fans

Unfortunately, for fans of multiple other teams, this isn’t uncommon practice in the NFL. The Bears are not the first NFL team to make this mistake, and they won’t be the last. Teams tend to panic when they are in need of a quarterback, which results in reaches in the draft.

If your team is clearly not in the position to compete anytime soon due to a lack of overall talent, why put a young quarterback who already has concerns of his own in that situation? The Bears where in a great position to draft talent outside of the QB position which would help build a solid foundation for the future. Instead they traded away valuable picks in a deep draft to reach on a quarterback, when they would be in position next year to select from a crop of more talented prospects.

USC quarterback Sam Darnold headlines a potentially historically good 2018 quarterback class that also includes house hold names to college football fans such as Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson, Oklahoma star Baker Mayfield, and UCLA’s Josh Rosen. Other QB prospects that are highly touted in next years draft are Washington State’s Luke Falk and Wyoming’s Josh Allen.

Best Prospect Since Andrew Luck?

According to analyst Daniel Jeremiah, an NFL executive told him that Darnold was the most talked about player at this years combine and Darnold is a rare prospect. The amazing part about this is the fact that Darnold, is not even eligible for the draft for another year, but he still dominated the attention of NFL teams this year.

Jeremiah wrote the following about Darnold, “[Darnold] has ideal arm strength and athleticism, but the best part about his game is his uncanny poise. He never gets too high or too low during a game and he almost looks bored inside the pocket. When evaluating quarterbacks, poise is the second-most important trait, right behind accuracy. Darnold is one of the most poised signal-callers I’ve seen in the last few years. He showed it throughout the season and throughout [the Rose Bowl].”

Then there is the electrifying Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson’s tape is eerily similar to that of a young Michael Vick from his Virginia Tech days. Vick even took notice of Jackson, and heaped praise among the young man via twitter proclaiming that Jackson was much better than he ever was during his college days.

The 2018 quarterback class has even drawn comparisons to that of the quarterback class of 1983. A class that produced three Hall of Fame QB’s in Stanford’s John Elway, Miami’s Jim Kelly and Pitt’s Dan Marino.

Ryan Pace can only hope that Trubisky turns out to be worthy of the pick and the draft capitol given up to select him. If not, expect to see his name added to the long running list of GM’s that lose jobs due to making the wrong decision on picking their franchise quarterback.


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