Race for top four going down to the wire in English Premier League

The English Premier League is about to come to an end this weekend. The race for top four finish will come to climax this Sunday. The main race will be between Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal for the third and fourth spot to the Champions League group stage.

After wins by both Arsenal and Manchester City last night, the race is on. With three points separating the three teams, it is going to be a battle for the third and fourth spot.

The spot which is going to be battled for is the automatic group stage spot, the third spot. The fourth spot means going for qualification before entering the group stage.

Manchester City is in control of the third spot with 75 points. Liverpool are fourth with 73 points, while Arsenal are fifth with 72 points. The three point gap means that one team will get the automatic spot and the rest will settle for the fourth and fifth spots.

Arsenal earned a hard fought 2-0 win against Sunderland to ensure they still have a chance for top four spot. Manchester City had an easy 3-1 win against West Bromwich Albion. Liverpool had played one more game than Arsenal and City.

Arsenal’s Season

Arsenal  looked to struggle against Sunderland during the first half. In the second half the team came back to light with two goal from Alexis Sanchez.

It took 72 minutes for Arsenal to score their first goal when Sanchez tapped in Mesut Ozil’s square pass. The second goal came in nine minutes later after Olivier Giroud cut-back the ball and Sanchez bundled it in.

The win gave Arsenal hopes of finishing top four for the 21st consecutive seasons according to the BBC. If Arsenal fail to win their last game of the season, it will be their first time in 21 season to finish out of top four.

Arsenal have never failed to book a place in the Champions League for the last two decades. It is going to be a tough game for Arsenal when they meet Everton. Everton are seventh in the standing and look to give Arsenal a rough time.

Manchester City will be travelling to Watford for their final game of the season. City have the chance to finish third in the league. They need a win or draw to finish top four against Watford.

Liverpool must win their game against Middlesbrough in their last game of the season. If Liverpool loss their game and Arsenal win against Everton, then they will finish fifth.

Arsenal will have to work hard when they face Everton on Sunday. It will be a tough game because they have to beat Everton by three goal or more. This is not going to be a walk in the park for Arsenal. Everton are in a great form this season especially their striker Romelo Lukaku.

The end of the season is going to provide thrills and spills when it come to fight for the top four spots in the English Premier League. On Sunday is the showdown everybody has been waiting for when it come to the English Premier League.



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