WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? May 15, 2017.

The Good

For Raw, the match between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor was a great match to watch from start to finish. Roman walked out as the winner, which frustrated a lot of fans (not me though because I was more entertained at the fact that it was a great match), but both of these guys put on an entertaining match. It was back and forth and ended up with a clean finish when Roman speared Balor for the win. Overall, this was a great match that will be a preview to the Fatal 5-way for Extreme Rules.

For Smackdown, the Fashion Files with Breezango was probably the only highlight of the show. They have been cutting entertaining promos since they finally have had their time to show what they are capable of and they are bringing the tag team division back to relevance. Now, while I do not see them winning against the Usos at Backlash, it is nice to see guys who haven’t had their chance to shine, finally get a chance to show what they got. Breezango has taken full advantage of this time and I hope Smackdown keeps them around in the tag team division for a while.

The Bad

For Raw, as much as the women’s division has been on the rise since Alexa Bliss has arrived, the promo between her and Bayley wasn’t really anything special. It was announced that these two will face off again at Extreme Rules, but now there is a stipulation. This is where things get bad. The stipulation is a Kendo stick on a pole match, which really won’t be that entertaining. I understand trying to make this match feel important by adding a stipulation to the match, but they should’ve done something different.

For Smackdown, last week, Rusev announced that he would be on Smackdown this week to confront Shane McMahon and find out if he had an upcoming championship match at Smackdown’s next PPV after Backlash, Money in the Bank. Well, we never saw Rusev on the show and we never got an answer to this. It’s very frustrating as a fan seeing all these promos cut on determining whether Rusev will finally get the championship match that he deserves, only for this to not even be mentioned on the show when he finally said he will appear on the show.

The Final Verdict

This was the Backlash go home show for Smackdown and they disappointed greatly. Not only did Rusev not even get mentioned on the show, but then we see AJ Styles losing to Jinder Mahal?!? I understand wanting Mahal to have momentum going into the PPV, but having him beat your top superstar and end the show with him standing tall is too much, especially considering that he was standing tall last week as well. This week was an easy decision in that Raw won this week.  Raw was entertaining from start to finish and put on good matches and promos. Raw even threw in a few heel turns this week as Goldust turned heel by turning on R-Truth and Apollo Crews turned heel by attacking Enzo Amore! Raw also has the future without Braun Strowman prepared as they announced a fatal 5-way for their main event at their next PPV, Extreme Rules. Overall, the next few weeks for Raw should be very interesting and hopefully they put on good shows like this every week going into the PPV!