Do We Take LeBron for Granted?

When the NBA announced the finalists for its end of the year awards, one name was noticeably absent from the Most Valuable Player category.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of him but he’s a three time NBA Finals champion and arguably best player on the planet.

His name is LeBron James. The last time James was not included as a finalist for the MVP award Snapchat and Instagram did not exist.

James not being included as one of the top three most valuable players in the NBA, begs the question are we taking LeBron and his greatness for granted?

It’s hard for anyone to argue against the amazing performances from the three players selected to be MVP finalist Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kawhi Leonard as all three had remarkable seasons.

Westbrook broke the seemingly unbreakable record for most triple doubles in a season held by Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson.

Harden orchestrated one of the most dangerous and potent offenses in the league with the Houston Rockets, leading the team to the third best record in the Western Conference.

Leonard is one of the most versatile two-way players in the NBA and was a vital part of the San Antonio Spurs 61 win season.

These three players have the resumes to easily contend for MVP honors, but James is what most people call a different kind of animal.

During the regular season James put up per game averages of 26 points 8.7 rebounds and 8.6 assists while leading his team to a 51-31 record.

Those per game averages as well as his team’s success are all reasons why James should be included as a finalist for the 2017 MVP award, but if you need more convincing just hear his playoff numbers.

If you watched Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals you watched one of the most dominant playoff performances by a team in NBA history.

The number one seeded Boston Celtics trailed by a playoff record 41-point deficit at halftime, and it did not get any better from there as the final score was 130-86.

This was the Cleveland Cavaliers 10th straight win in the 2017 playoffs with an average margin of victory of 13.4 points.

James has been something special over those 10 games averaging 34.3 points 8.5 rebounds and 7 assists while hitting on 45% of his three point attempts and never shooting under 50% from the field.

All while ranking 3rd in playoff usage among starters who averaged at least 30 minutes per game and 1st in effective field goal percentage with 63.4%.

The Cavaliers have been steamrolling through their Eastern Conference opponents in dominant fashion and James is on pace to participate in his seventh straight NBA Finals.

Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight and the Cavaliers are looking to take a commanding 3-0 lead against the Celtics in Quicken Loans arena.

A 3-0 lead over the Celtics will almost guarantee an epic finals rematch against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. James will be chasing back to back championships for the second time in his career as well as his fourth Finals MVP.

If that does not sound like a MVP resume we might need to rethink the award.