The Europa League Final is here, who is going to win between Ajax and Manchester United?

The Europa League Final is going to be played tomorrow Wednesday 24th at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be between Ajax and Manchester United. The main question is who is going to be crowned the champions?

The match is going to be a dangerous situation for Manchester United. This is because they need to win so that they can gain a ticket to the UEFA Champions League.

Jose Mourinho ‘s side needs to win the game in order to challenge other European teams in the Champions League. According to Phil Neville former United player, “United could struggle with the pressure during the finals”.

Ajax are through to the Champions League qualifying stage after finishing second in their domestic campaign. United finished sixth which puts them off the Champions League.

The other reason which gives United pressure is the fact that it is going to be their first time to win the cup. If United don’t win the Europa League cup, then there will be some repercussions.

There  are some top European players who are waiting for the results of the match before making decision regarding their future. Player such as Antione Griezmann are thought to be waiting for the results before deciding whether to join United or not.

If United lose the match, then they will lose signing major players during the summer. This is going to be a major hurdle for Jose Mourinho and his players. Bringing the European trophy to Old Trafford will be bringing European glory back to Manchester.

Both Teams style of play

Ajax is a very difficult side to beat because they play an attacking football. They are a massive side who have also won major European trophies. They are a team which should not be underestimated.

“It is one game, one trophy. That is what will be in our minds. We are going to play for one European trophy that the club has never won.” Ander Herrera United midfielder told the BBC.

The Spanish midfielder is focused on making history for United in the Europa League Final.  He is very excited to have the chance to help his team United win the cup.

On the other hand, Liverpool fans are praying that their rivals United don’t win the Europa League Final. Liverpool finished fourth in the English Premier League booking the last Champions League place.

For United fans, it will be a happy ending for them when they win the Europa cup. This will mean Liverpool will not feature in the UEFA Champions League instead it will be United.

The rivalry between United and Liverpool will have an influence when it comes to the Finals. It can be a motivation for United side to come out and fight for the European title.

Manchester United will have to be wary of Ajax during the Europa League Final. Ajax have got a young side which is full of speed and creativity. It is a side which can create chances at any moment or anytime.

Manchester United need to keep composure when it come to this finals game. If United wants to beat Ajax they must be on the front foot. Ajax defense look vulnerable, hence United need to take advantage. It is up to Manchester Unite to either win or lose the only chance to win Europa League Final.



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