The FA Cup final is between two London rivals, who will conquer the other?

The FA cup final is going to be between two London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. Who is going to conquer the other on Saturday? The match is going to be between the new English Premier League champions versus number five finisher.

Chelsea are the new English Premier League champions after clinching the title last weekend. Arsenal finished the league at number five and now the only trophy in their sight is the FA cup.

Chelsea will be looking to finish the season with a cup double. Arsenal will be looking for the only silverware remaining to fight for. The London rivalry is going to be a tight affair between the two teams.

The last time the two teams met in the FA cup final was in 2002. Arsenal came out with a 2-0 win over Chelsea and finished the season with a double. Is Chelsea going for a revenge or Arsenal will still have an edge over their rivals.

Team Form

Both teams have been in good form looking at their previous matches. Chelsea have been in better form than Arsenal this season. They have managed to clinch the English Premier League title while Arsenal have struggled.

The pressure is on manager Arsene Wenger who has fallen out with the fans. The fans think that his time is up and has to retire and give someone else a chance to take charge of the team. Wenger still believes that he still has got it in terms of taking Arsenal further.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has made Chelsea to be a very strong side in the English football. Conte has given Chelsea a new life since taking charge early this season. In his first season, he has been able to clinch the Premier League title. He is now looking for a second title in the FA Cup final.

Cesc Fabrigas is looking forward to face his former coach in the Final. Fabregas wants to prove Wenger wrong on Saturday. Wenger refused to re-sign Fabregas from Barcelona and he joined their London rivals Chelsea.

Fabregas is sweating for a place in Conte’s side considering he’s returning back from injury according to the Telegraph. He is fighting with Nemanja Matic who in the previous Premier league match against Arsenal performed well.

Frabregas came off the bench during the last Premier league match against Arsenal and scored. This time he wants to show Wenger that he is still a force to reckon with in the midfield.

The first season Fabregas has set up 19 goals which helped Chelsea Clinch the Premier league title. Since then Chelsea have collected four trophies while Arsenal is going for their second trophy since 2014.

Arsenal will be looking at Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez’s help in creating problems for Chelsea. Sanchez has been in good form this season helping Arsenal win some very important games especially the FA cup run.

The FA cup final will be a battle for bragging rights for the London rivals. Who will have the bragging rights? Will Chelsea reverse the roles which occurred in 2002 or will Arsenal edge Chelsea in this years FA cup final?

It is time for Arsene Wenger and his team to prove they are worth contenders for the FA Cup against their rivals Chelsea. Also it is time for Sanchez and Ozil to lead Arsenal to a silverware and end the season with a smile.



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