Cubs’ Kris Bryant Says There Is No Need To Worry About Slow Start

Fans may be a little worried about the slow start of 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, but superstar Kris Bryant isn’t worried.

Last season, the Cubs started off the season in “red-hot” fashion by beginning the season 25-6 while this season has produced the same results.

As of this article the Cubs are 25-34 and currently sit in 3rd place in the NL Central division, a far cry from their hot start in 2016.

The slow start has caused fans to stir a bit, but despite it they are still only 1.5 games back from the Milwaukee Brewers.

But the uneasiness isn’t phasing Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

“Please, go ahead and freak out,” Maddon said according to Jesse Rogers of “If you want to freak out, freak out.”

Kris Bryant added his own take.

“I don’t see any reason to worry, especially given what we did last year. There is no need to worry” Bryant said.

“You’re going to have your good years, you’re going to have your bad years. Your good starts, your bad starts. This is an average start; it’s not a terrible start. Sometimes it happens. We’ve spoiled ourselves with last year and that start. I guess it’s a good thing to have those expectations because we do, too.”

While the slow start may not be something to feel good about for fans, the Cubs have both the talent and the confidence to turn things around as the calendar turns to June, which is still early in the baseball season.

However, should the season continue to venture down the path it has been going to kickoff the 2017 season, expect the questioning and the uneasiness to increase dramatically.

One area of improvement is the starting rotation, which has had it’s struggles this season and has been the main point of frustration from fans.

After a World Series Championship victory, especially one of historical significance, the expectations increase ten-fold.


Anthony DiMoro is a sports writer, podcast host, reporter and founder of DiMoro Sports. Anthony is also the founder of Sports Rants, CEO of Elite Rank Media and sports contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post