WWE to Make History at Money in the Bank

Tuesday, May 27th, Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon made a blockbuster announcement. The Smackdown Live women will have their own, Money in the Bank ladder match, for the first time ever.

In order to win this match, one must climb to the top of a ladder to reach the briefcase that has a contract inside. The contract guarantees the winner a shot at the champion at any time.

It’s nice to see the women get another chance to prove they can do everything the men can do.

Their first opportunity to make history was when Charlotte and Sasha were in the main event of the Hell in a Cell paper-per-view. In a Hell in a Cell match. Marking the first time women had ever been in the Main Event of a PPV, and the first time WWE’s women had ever been in a Hell in a Cell match.

The Competitors:

Now, Charlotte will yet again be a part of history, as a competitor in the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match; alongside, SDLive’s first ever Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina. Normally Money in the Bank has six competitors, and there are still three weeks until the PPV takes place which is more than enough time for WWE to add another woman to the list.

Lana joining could make things more interesting. Previously the manager to her real life husband Rusev, she’s recently been advertised as an in-ring competitor. She’s also rumored to have asked Shane for a spot in the Money in the Bank match, and she’s the perfect gal to make it an even six.

Her lack of in-ring knowledge could prove to be a problem though. Money in the Bank could be a great spot for her to showcase the moves she knows, and can do well, then lay outside the ring in between moves. Meaning she doesn’t have to show everything she can do, but she can show flashes then save the rest for her SDLive in-ring debut. (On a side note her husband Rusev was supposed to return at the PPV, but now plans for the “Bulgarian Brute” are unclear.)

Who Should Win:

WWE would be smart to keep the briefcase away from Charlotte, Natalya, and Becky Lynch. Women who they could put the belt on at any time, without the help of the MITB briefcase.

Previously, Money in the Bank has been used to push a superstar to the top. A superstar who previously was a mid-carder would win the briefcase, and would then cash in the briefcase, win the title, and thus, hopefully, be viewed by the fans as a main eventer. It worked with CM Punk, Edge, Daniel Bryan, and The Miz. Copying the previous formula should be in WWE’s mind again this year.

WWE could put Lana in, and give her the briefcase. Then WWE could put Rusev in the men’s match and have him win. Imagine the having Lana and Rusev cash in on the same night, and walk out as WWE’s real power couple.

WWE could also let Carmella win, and give her the push she deserves. Already one of the best on the mic on Smackdown, and one of the better ring workers. She’s already perceived as a legitimate threat to Naomi’s championship, something that would only be heightened by her having the briefcase.

Tamina is the only competitor it doesn’t seem possible could win. WWE has always put one bigger opponent in this match to be the muscle and take someone else out of the match, then be taken out of the match themselves. This is the role Tamina feels slated to be. Previously done with Kane, Mark Henry, and Finlay, no one ever really believed one of these guys would win the briefcase until Kane did just that in 2010.

The problem with Tamina is she has no momentum going into this. Returning to SDLive, a little over a month and a half ago, in the superstar shake-up. Tamina came back to no crowd reaction and has yet to garner a reaction. If WWE wanted to get a reaction, then this would be the way to do it. Attempting this, however, could hurt her more than help her, fans are so down on her that giving her this may damage her reputation with the fans even more.

Going into this match as is, without Lana involved, Carmella stands to gain the most from the win. Her win could set up a storyline between her and fellow Welcoming Committee teammate Natalya.

Natalya has portrayed a jealous heel ever since her turn. WWE could easily set up a feud between the two. Saying that Natalya wants it to be her who holds the case.

WWE also could let Natalya win the title in the near future, setting up a storyline between the two. Eventually having Carmella cash in and defeat Natalya, turning one of them face in the process.

However, putting Lana in the match changes things. Lana then becomes the odds-on-favorite to win.

Fans are already high on her, they have been ever since she and her husband debuted on the main roster in 2012, begging WWE to let her get in the ring and show her skills.

Giving Lana the briefcase would let her win the title without having to have a long match. Allowing her to learn more, and hone her in-ring skills, until she’s ready to win the belt and put on great matches with the likes of Charlotte, Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Natalya.

The Best They’ve Ever Had:

There’s no doubt WWE currently has the best crop of female talent, wholely, they’ve ever had. Granted during the attitude era they had some greats. Lita, Trish Stratus, and Chyna come to mind. While they were great, and taking nothing away from them, WWE now has the best crop ever. From top to bottom any of the women can get in the ring and have a great match.

There are a few that aren’t any good, Summer Rae, and Eva Marie is the worst they have. It’s looking like Eva Marie’s time with the company will be over soon anyways.

It makes sense WWE is so willing to give their women more opportunities now than they were then. Regardless of who they give the briefcase too, it will still be interesting going forward to see what WWE does with her.