Kendall Williamson Makes Plays On The Field And In The Classroom

Photo Credit: Kendall Williamson Twitter (@Kentw2018)

Kendall Williamson didn’t start loving football until middle school. His motivation to play is two-fold: wanting to make his family proud and using football as a means to get a free education.

“Also, another thing that motivates me is my love for football and my love for success in the sport because I just I love playing and it brings me a lot of happiness and grinding for it and working to be the best I can be. Those are three things that motivate me a lot,” Williamson said.

Kendall Williamson owes a lot of his development into who he is on and off the field to his brother Chris Williamson who is a sophomore defensive back at the University of Florida.

“I feel like my brother had a special impact on me. Probably because in our younger years we did a lot together, we hung out all the time. He made me get interested in a lot of the stuff that I’m interested in now,” Kendall Williamson said. “I probably wouldn’t be playing football without him and I’ve learned so much from him. From the time we could even talk, my brother has had a large impact on me and person I am today.”

Off the field, Williamson has a 4.0 GPA at Brookwood High School in Snellville, Ga. and is interested in having a career in math or science outside of football.

Kendall Williamson stands at six-foot-one, 193 pounds. He is a three star recruit in the 2018 class and the 121st best cornerback and player in Georgia according to the 247Sports Composite.

He holds 30 scholarship offers from Yale, Navy, Army, Air Force, Mississippi State, Iowa State, NC State, Pennsylvania, Tulane, Georgia Southern, Wake Forest, Georgia State, Ball State, Purdue and more.

“I feel like there are a lot of schools that I have a high interest in at this point in time right now. I haven’t tried to break down the schools into a top five or top 10 but there are a couple that stick out and plenty more. Places like NC State, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Yale, Navy, Pennsylvania, Wake Forest and Air Force.”

Those places stick out to him, he said, because of how good they are academically and academics play a big factor for him and his family. They also stick out to him because of the attention they have paid him during his recruiting process.

For Kendall Williamson, his recruiting process, in a word is surprising.

“…It really started off after my sophomore when I went to this one camp, the Georgia Select Camp and they had a bunch of Ivy League schools and that’s where I got my first offer from [in] Yale. That’s where it kind of started off,” he said. “Following my junior season, it just really blew up and I was really surprised that all the schools had interest in me. I know I had worked for it, worked to be in this position but it was just kind of surprising that it was actually happening to me. It has just been a roller coaster.”


He wants to take his time with it so he’s not going to worry about making a top 10 or top 5 list for now. He wants to commit before this upcoming season but if it takes longer for him to decide, he’s fine with that.

In the 2016 season for the Brookwood Broncos (8-4, 4-1 AAAAAAA Region Seven), he recorded 50 tackles, four tackles for loss, six pass break ups, one fumble recovery, two interceptions/one for touchdown, eight catches, 194 yards and one touchdown as a wide receiver.

Here is what Brookwood Broncos Head Coach Phillip Jones had to say about one of senior leaders.

“…I’ll tell you this, he’s the kind of kid that will maximize every single bit of ability he’s got because he’s got such a tremendous work ethic and just a commitment to his craft and such good character. In saying that, he’s unbelievably coachable, he’s going to apply his coaching and he’s going to be where he says he’s going to be at all times so how ever good he ends up being is how good he could possibly be. There’s not going to be a source of untapped for Kendall because he’s that kind of kid that is so committed to everything he does that he’s going to be a special one.”

In terms of who Kendall Williamson is as a player, he can cover well one-one-one in man coverage and because of his size, he has an advantage. He said that he plays better in zone coverage referencing the pick six he got in the North Gwinnett win last season (37-23) and his interception in the Parkview win (24-23 OT).

He likes Josh Norman’s game and the matchup that he has with Odell Beckham Jr. Williamson likes to model his game after the cornerback.

“I feel like it’s a position not too many people can play and you’re on the island and there’s just a lot of pressure and I kind of take that in and invite it. …There are a lot of good, big, fast and strong wide receivers out here I know can make plays. I kind of enjoy that competition out there at that position,” Williamson said about what he enjoys about being a cornerback.

The best part of his game, he says, is his ability to be versatile.  Where ever the coach would need him to play. He is going to be ready to help his team. Even if it’s at a position that he’s not used to playing at like left tackle. He would be ready for anything.

“I think one thing I have to work on is probably the mental part. I feel like I’ve learned a lot during the offseason with training and learning a lot from my brother mentally. I feel like mentally, there’s so much that goes into being a defensive back, it’s endless. In just the smallest things that you could see in just the wide receiver and the quarterback or the alignment during the ball position or judgement on a ball. There’s so many things that mentally affect your game,” he said.

Coach Jones described Williamson as an unbelievably disciplined kid who comes to work out every day after school whether there’s an organized workout, practice or not. It doesn’t stop there, however. He would then find somebody to come workout with him on the field doing ball drills, footwork drills or reaction drills. Not to forget, the student part of student-athlete, Jones said, after all of that, Williamson goes home and does four hours of homework on his multiple AP classes and doesn’t end his day without trying to communicate with all of the coaches that reach out to him.

“… [He’s] a very disciplined kid who’s very serious about his future and he kind of sees the big picture not just the here and now. He’s a really, really impressive guy,” he added.

Coach Jones had to this to say about what Kendall Williamson means to Brookwood High School.

“I think just the standard that he stands for and our program. He and I have a very good relationship but just when you talk about Brookwood, you talk about excellence and Kendall is a perfect demonstration or exhibition of what excellence of Brookwood means. You got a kid who has got a 4.0 and is committed to being the best he can absolutely be athletically, academically and as a young man of character.”

Jones believes that Williamson will go forward and continue to be a great ambassador for Brookwood when he goes to college and speak highly of Brookwood because of what it has done to make him who he is.