Dejon Conway: An upperclassman looking to come into his own

Dejon Conway is a 2019 running back recruit looking to make a name for himself going into his junior season with the Luella High School Lions (Luella, Ga.).

When discussing Dejon Conway’s game, speed is a big part of it. As a running back, he describes his running style as explosive and said that he runs with power, has great breakaway speed and he can make defenders miss.

Luella Lions Head Coach James Roberts doubled down on speed being Conway’s best asset.

“Speed, he has got tremendous speed and his ability to see the field when he has the ball. There’s no denying that he can definitely look at the field and see when the defender is coming and make that move to get around him. He has got enough speed to outrun just about everybody on the field. So those are two attribute that he definitely has no question about it.”

Roberts does recruiting for Luella and Roberts makes sure that Conway meets the coaches that are looking at running backs.

“…I introduced him to the University of North Carolina. He went to one of their camps, they seem to like him and they’re watching him. He’s definitely going to be somebody that’s on the radar coming up with this next class,” he said.

Dejon Conway is unranked by the major recruiting services (247Sports, Scout, Rivals) and doesn’t have any scholarship offers but the 5-foot-11, 189 pound, running back from Northern Atlanta, Ga., in Fulton County, has high interest in North Carolina and Indiana. Checkout his sophomore highlights.

“I’d say UNC because I talked to a few of the coaches and they had a pretty good team last year and years before that so that would probably be my dream school,” Conway said.

If there’s one thing Dejon Conway needs work on, he said it is being more versatile and being able play the slot wide receiver position and run routes better.

Off the field, majoring in Kinesiology is something Conway wants to do and a backup plan for him is going into the military and joining the Navy or Army since he is in ROTC.

“I’d say Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson. Reggie Bush is like a shifty back and I’m pretty shifty when I run the ball. Adrian Peterson, He’s more of an explosive player and runs with power and I can do that as well,” Conway said about who he models his game after.

Coach Roberts said that Dejon Conway is going to be a part of a running back by committee or triple threat of: Juniors Latrell Murray (952 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2016), Chaz Mayfield (715 yards and four touchdowns in 2016) and Conway.

“…DJ is going to fit in there quite nicely because he has that capability to pound the line of scrimmage or bounce to the outside for first down, 20 yards [or] 30 yard gain,” Roberts said.

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