WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who Won this Week? July 3, 2017

The Good

For Raw, another week, another great segment to help build up the Samoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar rivalry. WWE has done a perfect job of building up this rivalry and segments like the one they had this week helps emphasize that point. They had the two superstars backstage setup for interviews, only for Samoa Joe to not wanting to be interviewed and stating that he would rather be fighting Lesnar. This led to Samoa Joe searching for Lesnar frantically backstage and when he did finally see Lesnar, he wanted to charge at him only for superstars to hold him back. This is an excellent way to make this match feel so important and also make it feel like these two are ready to tear each other apart.

For Smackdown, when I first heard that the Usos and the New Day were going to have a rap battle, I thought it was going to be an absolute bust. But, since these two teams are so talented on the microphone, they did a way better job than people would’ve expected. Both teams did a great job at making this segment entertaining. Along with that, it does help build up this rivalry as these two teams will face off at Battleground.

The Bad

For Raw, whatever they are trying to do with the Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt rivalry just isn’t working. We saw a repeat of last week with Seth Rollins beating up Curt Hawkins, which is ridiculous to put on the same thing for the 2nd week in a row. Then, both superstars cut a promo, which sounded like the same promos as last week. This rivalry is very weak and knowing how most Bray Wyatt rivalries involve him talking and talking, only to end up losing, it looks like this will be the case again.

For Smackdown, they did the same thing this week as Raw with a repeat match to help build a rivalry and it didn’t work this time either. Smackdown did the same thing with Randy Orton and Aiden English; they had them face off, only for Orton to beat him up quickly and then have a promo with Jinder Mahal. The promo sounded similar as previous weeks with these two and really put this rivalry back on the decline, which is a shame considering this is for the company’s top prize. They also did this with Naomi and Lana too, but at least they are now pushing for Naomi to face somebody new for her championship.

The Final Verdict

With Great Balls of Fire less than a week away, Raw had to put on a good go-home show and Smackdown had to put on a good show as well considering it was on the 4th of July. Overall, both shows were very entertaining, but this week I will have to give to Raw. Raw won this week because they are emphasizing their main championship much better compared to Smackdown and that makes the show better knowing that. For Smackdown, the United States Championship feels more important than the WWE Championship right now, which shouldn’t be the case. Nothing against Jinder Mahal because you can see that he is trying his best, but since he has had the championship, the prestige of the championship feels tarnished and doesn’t feel as important as it should. While on the other hand, since Kevin Owens has been the United States champion, his matches feel like they have more importance. Considering that the #1 contender for his championship is AJ Styles too, this feels like the match that you cannot miss which is great for Smackdown, but also considering that it is for a mid-card championship instead of the top prize is where this becomes a shame because WWE’s top prize should feature superstars that you want to see fight. In conclusion, Raw’s upcoming PPV, Great Balls of Fire, should really be great considering how well they have built up every match, except Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.