Brock Mattison is an outside linebacker on the come up

Buford High School’s (Ga.) Outside Linebacker Brock Mattison may have 22 offers to his name but his journey is over yet.

Those 22 offers include: Arkansas State, Appalachian State, Western Michigan, Colorado State, Tulane and Georgia Southern and more. These are some schools he has high interest in.

He doesn’t have a school in high regard over another just yet but plans to narrow his list soon. He wants to do more research and see which school can offer him better opportunities on the field, in the classroom and in life. Off the field, he wants to study mechanical engineering or business management. A strong and supportive alumni is important to him also.

“Seventh grade where the coaches came up to me and they were like ‘we need you for the eighth grade team. There was one play in seventh grade, it was like a jamboree. I was playing defensive end and in one game I had like three sacks. It was just a scrimmage so it was like half of a game. Ever since then, I’ll never forget that day,” Mattison said about when he knew he had talent.

The 6-foot-2, 223 pound, outside linebacker from Buford, Georgia had a tough time transitioning schools when he played for Northview High School in John’s Creek. He realized that his work ethic had to get better due to the level of competition changing.

“…I came to Buford where everybody had talent and I actually had to work toward something that everybody else is working toward. So, that’s the main thing.”

John’s Creek means a lot to him. He misses it everyday now that he lives in Buford but he did shed some light on transitioning from place to place and not getting too comfortable.

You can’t really hold on to cities and everything you just have to keep going along with life. The next day you may never know, for example in the future, I get a job all the way out in California, I can’t fall in love with the city,” he said.

Mattison knows he needs to take advantage of the opportunities that have been afforded to him.

According to the 247Sports Composite, three-star Outside Linebacker Brock Mattison is ranked the No. 120 outside linebacker and No.154 best player in Georgia. He recently was chosen as the 10th best outside linebacker by Rankings are just rankings but play on the field speaks for itself.


Mattison has great speed and quickness of the line of scrimmage. He sheds blocks with ease in run support and the ability to use his hands to do so shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

“I’ll say Von Miller and how he pass rushes. We both basically play the same position and his fundamentals and his technique are very similar to mine,” he said about who he tries to model his game after.

His favorite thing is sacking the quarterback and being the first one to the quarterback. The latter is also his mentality when he steps out on the field.

“I want to leave [the impression] that Brock is a true leader. Not just somebody who played football. He’s a leader on and off the field and what I’m going to miss most is the brotherhood and the coaches. How they brought us all together and they made us have a bond with each other that’s going come down the road in game 15, the state championship. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.”