Why WWE Should Bring Back Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights was a Pay-Per-View introduced by WWE in 2009. The PPV was dropped after just one more installment.

The premise of the event was to settle feuds and gain bragging rights from winning the match. Many of the matches though, were impromptu, with no background, so the fans watching didn’t care.

Instead of just having one off matches that mean nothing. WWE should bring this event back, and use it to their advantage.

The big five Pay-Per-Views WWE wants fans to tune in for is Money in the Bank, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and of course Wrestle Mania. However, Money in the Bank appears to be a Smackdown only show. The great thing about the other big events is that they are cross-promotional. Title matches for the belts from both shows take place at the event, and fans of both shows then tune in to see who wins.

With the brand split in full effect, and fans genuinely interested in both shows. Bringing back the Bragging Rights PPV could work wonders for WWE if done right.

Replacing Money in the Bank in the big five. Bragging Rights, then, gives WWE a chance to pit the champions from both shows against each other. Meaning the Universal Champion (RAW) would take one the WWE Champion (Smackdown). The Intercontinental Champion (RAW) would face the United States Champion (Smackdown). With the women’s and tag champs from both shows facing off as well.

Running the event like this would give WWE the opportunity to have inter-promotional matches that fans want to see. Without moving a superstar from one brand to the other.

None of the belts would be on the line of course. But seeing champion vs. champion is something that would bring in views. Having Smackdown stars appearing on Raw, and vice-a-versa would be intriguing as well leading up to the event.

The PPV could be worth something as well. The winning brand gets the first draft pick in the next years draft. Or, they get to poach superstars from the opposing brand, champions not included.

With each match leading towards a big 5-on-5 elimination tag match, akin to the Survivor Series PPV, filled with mid-card talent who needs the opportunity to shine. All the main event talent will be tied up in the other matches on the card. This tag match could lend the undercard guys, like Elias Samson, and Heath Slater from Raw. Along with guys like Chad Gable and Tye Dillinger from Smackdown an opportunity to shine. In a match that gives everyone a chance to show their merit in the squared circle.

WWE could even showcase the cruiserweight champion against the NXT champion. To see how over the NXT champion is with the main crowd before calling him up to the main roster.

Bragging Rights could have to potential to be one of the most exciting events WWE has all year. Great matches between brand champions, could be a spectacle to see for both casual fans and hardcore fans. It would hinge on if WWE can do it right, and not make more complicated than it needs to be.