Johnny Manziel Says He Misses Football, Eyes Another Chance

Johnny Manziel has at least accomplished one thing in the past several weeks; he has managed to keep his name out of the negative spotlight of the headlines.

Manziel, 24, is now an after thought in the NFL world and despite his college credentials, youth and the hype that accompanied him to the NFL via the 1st round of the NFL draft, Manziel is considered to be one of the league’s biggest busts of all-time.

Still, Manziel has a love for football and is looking to get yet another opportunity to play in the league.

Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News provided a quote over the weekend regarding Manziel.

“A ton (about missing football). I think the thing I realized over the past year and the thing I realized from being away from it is how much you miss it” Manziel said.

“That’s all I’ve known for so long. It’s what I love to do. It’s hard sitting here through OTA time and going through summer time and then getting ready to go through fall camp and not being a part of it.

But at the same time, I’m really optimistic and hopeful that I’ll get another chance. That’s really what I’m holding hope out for every day.”

While the words are nice the actions have rarely followed through with Manziel. He has said countless times after each digression that he would turn things around only to find himself in yet another negative scenario shortly after.

Back in January Manziel told ESPN’s Ed Werder that he’s sober and did so without the use of professional help.

With the quarterback position carrying the most significant value it’s not impossible that a team wouldn’t eventually give Manziel at least a look, but it is hard to imagine a team seriously considering Manziel over other proven and superior talent.

In an article posted today on ‘Shutdown Corner’ over at Yahoo! Sports Manziel discussed talking to NFL teams.

At a fantasy football convention over the weekend, Manziel claimed that there were several NFL teams that had shown an interest in him.

“I think they are taking it slow, and so am I,” Manziel said. “I know the situation that I put myself in. I know the year I took off and obviously the mistakes that I made. Right now, I’m hopeful. I’m really hopeful.”


Anthony DiMoro is a sports writer, podcast host, reporter and founder of DiMoro Sports. Anthony is also the founder of Sports Rants, CEO of Elite Rank Media and sports contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post