WWE Raw vs. Smackdown: Who Won this Week? July 17, 2017

The Good

For Raw, the tag team match between the Hardy Boyz and the Revival was great! It was a sight to see the past face the future in a match between two teams that have been doing this for a while. The flow of the match was great and it gave us an ending wanting us to see more between these teams. Along with this, who knows where this rivalry will head because there is still heavy debate about what is going on with WWE and the “Broken Hardyz” gimmick. Basically, stay tuned for what this rivalry holds because these teams are going to make this really entertaining and show why they are the top teams in the tag team division for Raw.

For Smackdown, the program they have going for Mike Kanellis and Sami Zayn was the best thing they had going on the show. We finally got to see Mike Kanellis’ debut match and get a glimpse on how his wife, Maria Kanellis, will play a factor in his matches. She basically shielded herself to help prevent Mike Kanellis to take any more damage, which distracted the referee, which allowed Kanellis to get the upper hand and beat Sami Zayn. While I do think that this program should’ve been held off until the PPV, it is a good rivalry to help build up slowly on the show weekly.

The Bad

For Raw, this whole reveal with Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan being his illegitimate son is something that could be very unpredictable. It could be very bad because we already know that these two are not related whatsoever and it could feel forced. Or…..it could work out great because Kurt Angle is a hall of famer and knows how to work with younger guys to help them get over. Either way, I thought this promo was cheesy and to bring back Kurt Angle to run a storyline of an illegitimate child is a shame.

For Smackdown, the promos they ran for their big matches at their upcoming PPV, Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Rusev, didn’t feel as big as they should and that’s a dishonor. A prime example of how these promos just aren’t flowing is when Jinder Mahal was presenting the Punjabi Prison, he states that there are no rules when entering the structure, but then moments later, the Singh Brothers explain what the rules are of the match….WWE logic. Moments later in the show, John Cena cut a promo that felt like he was rambling and giving us a history lesson while discussing his flag match against Rusev. This didn’t feel important and didn’t give the WWE Universe a spark that Cena is usually able to do when building up a match. I do not expect these matches to be great during the PPV and neither does most of the WWE Universe.

The Final Verdict

With Smackdown hosting Battleground in less than a week, I would’ve thought they would put on a great go home show before the PPV. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Along with that, Raw didn’t put on a much better show either, but they at least had some more entertaining moments than Smackdown did. For that, I am going to say that Raw had the better show this week. Raw did a good job at giving us a cliffhanger with determining who is the number one contender for the Universal Championship by having the match end in a no contest. They also did a great job at laying out some matches that will determine for what Summerslam holds by having a number one contenders match for who will face Alexa Bliss and they also have helped build up who will face the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. While Smackdown on the other hand, didn’t build up matches in a better way and made their most important matches for their PPV not feel as significant as they should. Overall, fans may be more excited for next week’s Raw than they are for Smackdown’s PPV.