Cameron Smith: A bright spot in the middle for the Pasco HS Pirates

2018 Pasco High School Pirate Linebacker Cameron Smith has come a long way from his sophomore year knee injury.

He was still in a game in the third of a 46-0 blowout at the time and someone dove at his leg and he tore his ACL, MCL, patellar tendon and also had an impound fracture.

“…It was a really bad knee injury and I’m just happy to be playing again. It was one tendon away from ripping off. When I went to the doctor’s office, they said this was the worst knee injury and my surgeon said this was the hardest challenge he has ever had. Everything went perfectly, I worked my tail off and I’m playing again today,” Smith said.

Because of his injury, orthopedics has been interest of his either as a surgeon, doctor or therapist to help kids get through what he went through.

“Now, it’s a lot of the same things. Thrill from winning and I get a thrill from just the excitement of the games, the lights on Friday and having fans in the stands. It’s the only thing I know now,” he said about what motivates him to play the game.

The six-foot, 225 pound, linebacker from Dade City, Florida is not ranked by any of the major recruiting services (247Sports, Scout, Rivals) but he has four scholarship offers from the following schools: Albright College, Warner University, Webber University and West Virginia State University.

He is receiving interest from Indiana Wesleyan University and said that his dream school is Oklahoma.

“Right now out of the offers I have, West Virginia State that would be where I’d go if I stick with the offers I have right now.”

Three things on the wish list for Cameron Smith to commit to a university and football program: a quality coaching staff that will make him better, a nice area, and school tradition.

“I do kind of want to get out of the small city area just because I’ve been in a small town all my life. I kind of want to see what it’s like to be in a big city. The size of the school doesn’t matter to me. That’s it really,” he said.

As far as when he plans to commit, it will most likely be after his senior year concludes.


In 2016, Cameron Smith was a First Team All-Conference linebacker and recorded 46 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, one forced fumble and a half sack in six games played.

Smith is a sure tackler and plays well in space and in between the games. He admires Ray Lewis because he was able to do the same thing, attack gaps and stuff the ball carrier, either bringing them down or pushing them back for a loss on plays.

“I feel like the linebackers are the play makers on the field. I feel like linebackers are the most important and you enjoy it when you see a big hole open and you kill that running back right in the hole. I enjoy that, we’re the play makers on the field and captains on the field too.”

Smith believes the best part of his game is playing in between the gaps where he can take on lead block and help one of his teammates make a tackle or make the tackle himself. He wants to improve on his speed and feels like if he can get his 40-yard dash time between 4.5-4.7 seconds he can be an All-American linebacker.

“On the field, [I could] bring a very scary player for the opposing team, a leader and someone who is going to motivate the rest of the team, someone who is going to be a great role model. Off the field, you’re going to bring in somebody who is going to stay out of trouble, someone who is going to be off the field as well. I’m going to always do the right things, I’m very, very, coachable on the field. That’s about it,” he said.

Here is how Cameron Smith wants to leave his legacy at Pasco High School.

“I want to leave the impression that I was one of the greatest players at Pasco High School and I’m just going to miss the tradition here. I’m going to miss Friday night lights, an unexplainable feeling when you walk out on the field at Pasco High School on a Friday night. It’s just something I love. I’m definitely going to miss it.”