Byron Mack has a support system off the field that helps him lead on it

Byron Mack started playing football when he was five years old and he started playing because he loves the game for what it is.

The game of football helped him release pain. Some of that pain came from the passing of his elate mother at the age of 43 due to sickness.

“…Before she passed, she always told me, ‘keep striving for what you want and practice hard for what you want,’” Mack said.

He is thankful for aunt, Tina Mack, who took him in along with her other kids and treated him as her own.

“…I build off of what she teaches me and it motivates me to do better in life.”

Byron knew he had the talent to play football his eighth grade year at Stafford Middle School in Stafford, TX.

“…My love for it built up through little league when I wasn’t good and people told me I wouldn’t be able to get [any] better than what I was so eighth grade motivated me,” Mack said.


The six-foot, 170 pound senior quarterback and Houston, TX native is now a three sport athlete at Pro-Vision Academy. He also plays basketball and runs track and will pursue it either of those in college if football doesn’t pan out.

Byron Mack is unranked by the major recruiting services (247Sports, Scout, Rivals) and is still looking for his first offer.

“I could bring academics because I always work hard in the class. I’m a student-athlete. Student comes first and athlete comes next so I would focus on my work and get my grades right before I do anything dealing with the field, court or track,” he said.

He has high interest in Texas A&M, Grambling State University and Southern University of New Orleans.

“Texas A&M because they’re big on Agriculture, Grambling State University because it’s a historical black college and I would like to learn more about being on a black college campus and also Southern because it’s the same as Grambling,” he said about the schools.

As a quarterback for Pro-Vision Academy Byron Mack has the ability to take off with his legs and that the first thing people will see on film. He doesn’t hesitate to run if he sees an opening.

Mack believes he is his own player but if there is a player he does watch, it is Clemson Tiger national champion and current Houston Texans rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson. He admires Watson’s running game as a quarterback.

“When he runs the ball…he knows when it’s time to keep or get out of bounds to stop the clock to help his team,” Mack said of Watson.

Mack enjoys playing the quarterback position because it teaches him leadership and patience but he said that in-game confidence is what he needs to work on because sometimes he panics when pressure comes down on him.

While he struggles with that, his mentality stepping out on the field is to strike first.

“My mentality when I go out on the field is get to others before they get to me because I’d rather throw someone off their game before they throw me off my game,” he said.

Byron Mack wants to be known for academics and athletics this year. Pro-Vision Academy has their first game against the Houston Christian High School Mustangs Friday September 22.