Why Tebow should be called up

The Stat Side:

The Mets are a dismissal 53-67 and 4th in the division, and 13 games back from a wildcard berth. It is safe to say that this season is all but over, with injuries to most of their starting rotation and already trading some of their other assets. Maybe it is time to start thinking about promoting Tim Tebow to the Majors. He is batting .219 with 8 homers and 50 RBIs. Those stats aren’t the best but they are respectable for a former football player. The Mets also just traded the sir starting right fielder Jay Bruce to the Indians last week and Curtis Grandson to Dodgers last night so that clears up some space in outfield for him. They started Brandon Nimmo and Juan Lagares in RF and CF respectively. While Lagares is batting .273, he only has 8 RBIs and 2 Homers.  He has played in 54 games so its a smaller sample size than Tebow but it also means he’s on pace for less homers and RBIs than Tebow. Nimmo on the other hand is batting .263 but has only played in 28 games so his stats aren’t on the same level as Tebow’s are. The stats are there to prove that he would have a chance at small success in the major leagues.

The Business Side:

There is another side of this other than just stats though, the MLB is a business. Making money is the ultimate goal is a business and calling up Tebow would sell a lot of tickets for a team not competing.  They are 7th in ticket sales which is good for a team that has a terrible record. Since Tebow has been signed he has delivered an average of 5,100 fans per game at home games, compared to 1,400 last season. That is a rise of almost 40 percent, and road games have risen up to between 80 and 120 percent. Those stats prove that Tim Tebow will sell tickets anywhere he goes. The Mets could see a significant boost in tickets sold over the last month or so of baseball that is left.

Their season is going nowhere so what do they have to lose? They will make a lot of money if they call him up and his numbers are somewhat respectable. In the end, this is a business and the Mets need to do what is best for their sales and entertainment. Fans would flock to the stadium to see Tebow play, whether it was meaningful baseball or not.