Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC V.S. Tottenham HotSpur Recap

At 4pm local time on Sunday at Wimbley Stadium, Chelsea took the pitch against one of the four favorites to raise this year’s Premiership trophy, Tottenham Hotspur. The Hotspur did not suffer a home loss at all last season. The match was set up to be a clash of titans who should both be at the top of the table at the end of the season. The match did not disappoint!

It was as though Chelsea had to start the match in a deficit, as they had to play without key players Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas. Both were suspended during the second half of the harrowing loss to Burnley, a week ago to open the season.

The match started with a run by Chelsea into the corner of Hotspur. In the fifth minute, a perfect ball was played into the box, onto a wide open Alvaro Morata. Morata couldn’t even put the ball on target from only 6 yards out. It was a disappointing effort for the highly touted new transfer from Real Madrid.

The next 19 minutes was a clinic of possession by Tottenham Hotspur. They seemed to be in mid-season form, stringing together tight passes in the midfield, but they never could get a good look on goal.

In the 24th minute, Dele Alli fouled David Luiz right outside of the box. Marcos Alonso and Willian lined up over the ball. Alonso took the kick and hit a perfect strike over the wall, bending into the top right corner of the goal. Lloris never stood a chance to save. With that, Chelsea took the lead at 1-0.

The game played very physical from that point on. In Fact, there were 7 yellow cards dished out from that point forward. Three yellows came for Chelsea, and four for Tottenham.

In the 29th minute Harry Kane had a chance for a quick equalizer on a terrific through-pass, but Courtois was up to the task and held on to the save. Harry would go on to have several other chances on goal, but none better than at the 42nd minute. A wonderful ball was played through by Davis. Kane was able to put it past Courtois, but it banged off of the far right post.

Before the first half ended, there would be a barrage of chances by HotSpur. Courtois had two saves in the 44th minute and one in the 47th minute, before the end of stoppage time. He looked to be in top form on the day as he totaled six saves in all.

The second half began with a slue of fouls committed by both teams. The first real chance at a goal didn’t happen until the 74th minute, when Willian took a chance on a strike from around 30 yards out. The shot had terrific pace, well enough to beat the keeper, but it bounced off of the outside post and went wide.

Batshuayi and Pedro came on in the 79th minute. In the 81st minute, Batshuayi defended a free kick from just outside the left corner of the box and attempted to head it past the back line, but it beat Courtois instead, for a dreaded own goal. The game went level at 1-1 but it wouldn’t finish that way.

In the 88th minute Lloris collected the ball and attempted to play it quickly by throwing it out. The ball was intercepted by David Luiz, and Marcos Alonso played a give and go with Pedro to get deep into the box. It looked as though Lloris thought he was going to cross it in front of the goal but instead he bashes it towards the goal. The ball dipped under the save attempt of Lloris and went into the back-side netting for Alonso’s second goal. With that, an unlikely hero is made to start the season, and the Blues are on the table with 3 points.