Will The Warriors Finally Be Given A Run For Their Money?

With a record of 207-39 over the last 3 seasons, and 2 championships, the Warriors have been a annual threat for dominance in the NBA. They are also owners of the best single season record of all time of 73-9. That was even better than the 1996 Bulls who featured names like Jordan, Pippen and Rodman. 

Being listed above a legendary team like that, is definitely nothing to sniff at. The only thing that the ’96 Bulls had that the ’16 Warriors didn’t was a championship. Keep in mind, the Warriors didn’t have Durant for that history making season. But do we have a new team ready to challenge the dominating Warriors?

This past offseason, the Warriors kept the same lineup that they made a championship run with, but another team made some moves that might make the defending champs quiver a bit. In fact, this team added a 3 time All-Star, and a veteran point guard in which they desperately needed.

This team is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Coming off a disappointing season, with a record of 31-51, the Timberwolves had the talent, but couldn’t quite put it all together. Minnesota also featured 2 star players, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. But this season, they will feauture yet another star, Jimmy Butler.

Butler, a 3 time all-star, was traded from the Bulls this past offseason during the draft. Is this the newest “Big 3”? Looking at the stats, this team might actually be BETTER than the Warriors. 


If you compare the Warriors starting lineup, and the Timberwolves starting lineup, you would find 3 stars in each lineup. But don’t forget about the role players, such as Green and Dieng. Both players known more for their defensive presence.

If you added points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals for both lineups, you would actually find that the Timberwolves would have a higher number, which means more production. These numbers, were a 10 point difference between the two teams.

Curry had a higher number than Teague, but Wiggins had a higher number than Thompson. Looking at the forwards, Durant and Green outnumbered Butler and Dieng. But what made the difference was the big gap between the center position. Towns completely outnumbered Pachulia, by 27.

Towns is the difference maker between these two teams. Towns actually produced more than Curry, Thompson and Durant! Towns is definetely a superstar that is rarely talked about.

Karl Anthony Towns indeed had a breakout campaign. He averaged 25 points a game, with 12 rebounds, and nearly 3 assists a game. Towns averaged a double-double every night. Don’t forget the fact that Towns has not missed a game since he came into the league!

Given the fact that Towns dominated the statsheet, and the competition, he could even be considered for MVP in the very near future. And remember, he’ll have the opportunity to play alongside a new star which will take away plenty of attention to Towns, making him even more dangerous this coming season.

Will this new look lineup in Minnesota be able to have a 73-9 season? Maybe not, but they will definitely be contending for a championship this coming season. Timberwolves fans, I can say there is plenty to be excited about this season.