Jedarius Russaw looks to continue to grow on and off the field

Jedarius Russaw started playing football at the age of 10 for the Riverdale Wildcats and on and off the football field, his want to stand out hasn’t changed.

Russaw was small in stature and said that he didn’t think he was going to make an impact on the football field. In addition to that, he didn’t really talk to people and vice versa so getting out of his comfort zone was something he had to overcome early on. He did try to make an effort he said.

“They’ve played a big role in my life because if it wasn’t for them, I would’ve quit football, I wouldn’t have gotten a lot of things accomplished in my life. They pushed me to do a lot of things I thought I wouldn’t do. My mom always told me to pray every night because God always has the answer,” Russaw said about his belief in God and family mean to him.

The 5-foot-10, 140 pound senior wide receiver out of Lehigh Acres, Florida holds Lehigh Senior High School Wide Receivers Coach Andrew Layton in high regard because Layton pushed him to do things that he thought he couldn’t do like be the wide receiver he is for the Lehigh Senior High School Lightning.

“…He always told me to push myself and I could be great if I put my mind to it. Be on my ball, be on my A-game 24/7 because you’re always being watched. After that, I’ve always been going 100 percent,” Russaw said.

Layton said that this offseason Jedarius Russaw improved a great deal for being such a raw talent.

“I believe he can be one of the top receivers in Southwest Florida to be honest with you. One of the things we got to get [is] the system on point [because] we’re a new coaches. We’re all coming in and these kids have been stuck in their ways and are in a different system,” he said. “Once they get a hang of a [new] system and not thinking, just playing and reacting, then it changes the game and he’s a part of that game changing.”

Russaw said that the best part of his game is his route running and you have to run crisp routes and have good footwork in order to be an effective wide receiver.

“I would say Antonio Brown. My coach says I remind him of [Brown] because I’m swift with my moves and I get every little move down pat. Once I [perfect] them, I would like to learn [a] different move and perfect that move,” he said about the NFL Wide Receiver he models his game after.

Layton knew Russaw could play football the first time he came out to practice. When he put the receivers through drills, Layton saw right away that he had speed, body control and good hands to catch the ball.

“I want to see him step up and be more of the leader of the receiver core because he’s an older guy and then I just want him to step up and believe in himself and just know that I see greatness in you but you have to see it in yourself as well.”

Jedarius Russaw doesn’t have any scholarship offers going into his senior season but has high interest in Oregon University.

“I want to further my academics first and keep football right next to me. Without my academics, I wouldn’t be able to go to that school and keep playing football. Always academics first. That’s what I was always told. Academics first,” he said about what he will be looking for when visiting schools.

He wants to be a juvenile detention officer as a second career after football or a backup plan if it doesn’t pan out for him. See his highlights here.

“To be a juvenile detention officer because I like to make everybody a better person because it’s all about selling drugs and trying to be the coolest dude in the streets. I grew up with a lot of negative things in my life. I had to get past it and stay focused.”

When his time is all said and done playing football at Lehigh Senior High School, Jedarius Russaw will miss the coaches because of their focus on the players wanting to get better at every single part and detail of the game.

“[The impression] I would like to leave at Lehigh is always be great. When you’re not great you don’t really feel like you have good worth and when you have a good worth you don’t want to play hard so always put yourself first.”