WWE Raw vs. Smackdown: Who Won this Week? August 28, 2017

The Good

For Raw, the contract signing between Roman Reigns and John Cena was one of the best promos of the year. This felt realistic as some of the shots they took at each other felt personal. Now, I do feel that Cena got the better of Reigns in this exchange because Cena was not hesitant to call out Reigns on one of his biggest criticisms, his poor microphone work. Cena also said the main reason why he is still here is because Reigns isn’t able to pick up the workload and handle it so this is why Cena makes appearance every now and then. Overall, this just made their match at No Mercy very interesting and it will be fun to see how they intensify this rivalry over the next few weeks.

For Smackdown, it was great to see the returning Shelton Benjamin in the ring. He teamed up with Chad Gable to take on The Ascension and they were able to win their first match as a tag team. Benjamin looked like he hasn’t lost a step and for him team up with somebody like Chad Gable should create some very entertaining matches. Hopefully, these two will get a tag team championship soon because these two versus either the New Day or the Usos should be a very great match.

The Bad

For Raw, the whole scenario between Emma and Mickie James felt like a waste of time. There was a stipulation that if Emma won, she would be able to tweet whatever hashtag she wanted to on Mickie James’ account and if Mickie won, Emma would have to stop saying that she created the women’s revolution. You can already tell by that last sentence that this match was a waste of time and didn’t accomplish anything for either superstar.

For Smackdown, while I am a huge fan of the AJ Styles US Championship open challenge, the challenge they had this week was a disappointment. When I say it is a disappointment, I mean that this match should’ve gotten more time than it did. The first challenger to it was Tye Dillinger, who is a great wrestler and would be able to put on a great match with AJ Styles. Instead, they had Dillinger fight with Corbin before the match because Corbin said he was going to answer the challenge too, and then AJ Styles ended up beating Dillinger in less than five minutes. WWE should’ve given these two more time to work than a few minutes because I believe that they could’ve put on a way better match. Hopefully, the open challenges for AJ Styles United States Championship go better than this one because this one fell flat.

The Final Verdict

Both shows were pretty average this week. Both shows had a few good segments and matches, but they also had moments where they felt like filler and didn’t really grab my attention. This week, I will have to give to Raw for a few reasons. For starters, they already have a PPV lined up with No Mercy and they have done a good job at building up the two main events they have going for the show (Braun vs. Brock and Cena vs. Reigns). Along with that, they also had a great main event between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss and now we have a new women’s champion too! This also led to a possible future women’s match between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax and that should be interesting too. Overall, Raw is doing a great job at preparing for their upcoming PPV while Smackdown is still trying to find its ways.