Deondre Francois vs Jalen Hurts

As the college football season gets underway, one of the biggest matchups of the whole season will be played. That would be the #3 ranked Florida State Seminoles going up against the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

Both teams coming off of terrific seasons and are both poised to be at the top and stay there. To stay at the top and even get there in the first place you need to have an acceptable quarterback. They have to be capable of making the big plays in crunch time.

These two teams have more than acceptable quarterbacks, they have two of the best in the nation. Deondre Francois, the QB for the Seminoles will try to outdo his opponent who is Jalen Hurts, the QB for the Crimson Tide. That is looking to be a great game, but many people wonder who the better quarterback is. Is it Deondre Francois or Jalen Hurts? Let’s look.

Deondre Francois

When Deondre Francois was a true freshman last season he had a historically bad offensive line. He was getting hit left and right and in some games could barely get a throw off. He might of had a very disappointing o-line, but he still managed to show some of the great potential he has.

Last season he had some great numbers and some of them were comparable to Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson. Francois threw 20 TDs while Jackson only threw 12 and Francois had a better completion percentage too. Francois had a completion percentage of 58.6 while Jackson had 54.4.

I know this is a comparison of Francois and Hurts, but I had to show that he may not of had the Heisman season he had stats that were comparable. Now to the little things that make him great. Starting with the throwing motion which is very quick and that is what you want so you get the ball out before anybody to get to it.

This isn’t really little, but he is very smart in the pocket and is always analyzing a defense to see where the right throw is. Francois is very comfortable when he pushes the ball vertically down field and is a confident thrower.

I will say against ranked opponents his performance wasn’t always the best. When against ranked opponents, Francois had a worse completion percentage which was 47.2. So it is not all the best for him, but if he can improve on playing great in the big games then I don’t see why Deondre Francois can’t be a legitimate Heisman candidate.

Jalen Hurts

Just like Francois, Jalen Hurts is coming off of a very successful true freshman season. Playing for Alabama he had to play great because he’s the leader of the team.

He showed some good and some bad, but for the most part he was very intriguing. He can do what you ask of him. He will have to improve on his arm, but was still solid for the most part in the air and if he has to he can run all over some of the best defenses.

Not even when he has to run they set up plays that are specifically for a Jalen Hurts run. Yes, he has to improve on his arm. Hurts was one of the most accurate quarterbacks in college last season, but wasn’t the best decision maker.

Hurts had a completion percentage of 62.8 which is really good, he would usually make the right throw and for the most part get it to a receiver.

Now that brings up the decision maker part. Hurts would get it to a receiver, but was it always the right receiver and by that I mean he could of thrown to the flats when one of his guys had a step on somebody deep just things like that.

When I said bad decision maker that is what I meant and not in the interception aspect of things because he threw 9 which isn’t that bad. Hurts can definitely make the big plays in the big games, but it is usually with his legs. Hurts ran for 954 yards and rushed in 13 TDs last season and that is among the best for any quarterback.

He just has to improve on decision making and work on his deep ball. Once he does all that I think he willing be taking the big step he is expected to.

Who is the Better Quarterback?

Deondre Francois and Jalen Hurst are both very credible quarterbacks and i think you cant really go wrong with either of them.

I think that if I had a team I would want my quarterback to be Deondre Francois just for that fact that he is smart, can take every hit, and can run, but is more of a pocket QB.

Deondre Francois definitely has some parts of his game to improve on, but I would want him on my team.