Larry Hebert is looking to make the most of his senior season

Larry Hebert knows that he has to take his senior season seriously on the field and in the classroom. His older brother is his example.

Hebert’s brother could have had an opportunity to play college football but academics were a factor in that not taking place. Because of that, the elder brother doesn’t want Larry to make the same mistake.

“It would probably just be my older brother because he showed the way of the game and he showed me because of what he had [gone] through, what not to do and just to make sure I had a better chance at making it far,” he said.

The six-foot, 180 pound senior safety and Prairieville, La., native has four scholarships from the following schools: Louisiana College, Southern Prep Baton Rouge, Vandegrift Prep and Jefferson Prep. He has received high interest from McNeese State and Southeastern Louisiana.

“McNeese State is probably number one as far as the favorite because when I went, I went to [their] spring game and after all the coaches just sat down and talked to me. They explained to me how they are as a team. Most times, I feel like teams aren’t that close as a whole organization and so I just feel like that would be the best place,” he said. “They also were just talking to me about how their schedules are and everything. I feel like that would be the best place. They attracted the most attention to me.”

Hebert’s recruiting process was quiet and he had doubters and neigh sayers but that just made him want to work even harder to make his dream a reality. A dream that he had since he was a little kid.

“…It was in high school and everybody was just telling me what I couldn’t do. I feel like that made me want to strive for even more. So as I started getting attention, I don’t try and brag on it, I’m real humble about it. I just let everyone else see what I’ve done and I’ve come from nothing.”


Larry Hebert on film is a safety with good ball skills and physicality. He’s not afraid to make big hit if need be. He credits Dutchtown High School (La.) Defensive Back Coach Eddie Hahn for teaching him how to be a safety ever since his sophomore year coming up to play varsity.

The two NFL safeties he looks up too and models his game after are New York Giants Safety Landon Collins and San Francisco 49ers Safety Eric Reid. Both of whom played their high school football at Dutchtown.

“…Those have always been two idols that I’ve looked up too as far as play wise. They just both have that mentality that you have to be the best you can be and always wanting to hit people. That’s the main thing I love doing and letting people know I am there,” Hebert said.

Other than his physicality of course, Hebert believes his leadership stands out. He’s not afraid to tell his teammates where they need to be in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

At the same time, he wants to work on building better relationships with his teammates and making sure that the team stands together as one unit not just individual parts.

“I would probably say that you have to take it real serious…this is your last chance to build yourself up and be the best you can be. After this, you don’t get another summer be the best you can be. You don’t get another summer to make yourself bigger, stronger and faster. So you have to take serious. You can’t slack off a bit because you’ll fall behind against everybody else who worked harder than you,” Hebert said about what he has learned this offseason to prepare himself for his final season.

Larry Hebert would just like to make a name for himself at Dutchtown High School and be known as someone who played at one of the best schools in District 5-5A.

The Dutchtown Griffins have a chance to even up their record at 1-1, Friday Sep. 8 at 7 pm EST when they the Central High School Wildcats of Baton Rouge.