Three Takeaways from the Detroit Lions first game of the 2017-2018 NFL Season

1. The defense was the whole reason why the Lions were still in the game for as long as they were

The defense looked the best for the Lions this week. They caused four turnovers (3 INT’s, 1 fumble recovery) and were even able to get a touchdown of their own that helped put the game away. One of the biggest worries going into the season was how the defensive line was going to be, but they really were able to hold their own this week and it doesn’t look like it will be that big of a problem. The safeties were responsible for all of the interceptions and they looked like ball hawks out there. Overall, the defense really was a major factor in this victory.

2. Adjustments need to be made on Special Teams

First, the punter they signed, Casey Redfern, was the replacement for Sam Martin and he got hurt early in the game, which caused Matt Prater to take all kicking responsibilities. This problem needs to find a solution quickly because Prater isn’t the answer for the punter role. Hopefully, a replacement is found this week so that this can be solved. Also, Dewayne Washington no longer should take kickoffs for the team. He made a bad mistake in this game when he decided to take the ball out of the end zone instead of kneeling it, which caused the start to start at their own seven yard line. For this situation, they should replace Washington with Jamal Agnew since Agnew looked the best to fit that role in the preseason.

3. Kenny Golladay looks to be a new target for Matthew Stafford

Stafford connected not once, but twice to rookie receiver Kenny Golladay and it already looks like these two have great chemistry. Stafford hit Golladay on short and long routes and Golladay showed that he has great hands to compliment his solid route running. Overall, expect these two to connect a lot this year as it looks like all the hype we were hearing about Kenny Golladay seems to be true.

In conclusion, the Detroit Lions made early mistakes, but were able to overcome that adversity and pull away against the Cardinals. They will have a tough game next week as they travel to New York to face the Giants on Monday Night Football. But, if the defense can bring the pressure like they did this week and the offense is able to stay consistent throughout the game, then they can pull out another big win early in the season.