Is Alex Smith That Good?

On opening night Alex Smith and the Chiefs faced off against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The game was expected to be a good one, but most people had the Patriots by 7-10 points. Well if you watched it you would know that the game didn’t go that way. The Chiefs ended up beating the Patriots by a decently wide margin. Obviously a big part of that win was the play of QB Alex Smith. He put up tremendous numbers, Smith completed 28 of 35 throws for 368 yards and four TDs. Those are elite QB numbers coming from a “game manager.” Now, is Alex Smith that good? Can he be this season’s Matt Ryan? Well, let’s look.

Is Alex Smith Elite?

Everybody likes to put the label of “game manager” on Alex Smith because he doesn’t put up the huge numbers like some other QBs around the league. Against the Patriots he looked like an elite QB that can win you games. Does one great game make Alex Smith elite if he wasn’t before? NO, not for a second will I say that Alex Smith is an elite quarterback. He is a good QB, but he won’t win your team a Super Bowl. He puts up numbers that are a little better than the average. It is not because he turns the ball over or makes mistakes, but just in that offense he doesn’t throw as many times as he did against the Patriots

Last season Smith threw for 3,502 yards which was in the middle of the league. He doesn’t throw many TDs and will usually throw under double digit interceptions. I’d put him in the top 20 around 17-20. He is just above average, but he broke out and showed how can he can be at his best. Smith looked like a top 10 QB for the whole game. He started off good and finished even better. He had pin point accuracy, great decision making, and led his team to victory.

Is Alex Smith This Season’s Matt Ryan?

By this I don’t mean will he win MVP, I’m saying will he have his breakout season later on in his career. I don’t think he is going to have that season. I do think he will have an improved season stat wise from last season, but I don’t think Smith is going to have the best season of his career. Smith definitely will put up solid numbers and will keep his team in the top five.

Is Alex Smith As Good As He Played?

Just like I said, No Smith had a tremendous game, but that doesn’t mean one game will define his whole career. He definitely wanted to show up big time and come out with the win which is exactly what he did, but his numbers were top 10 QB’s numbers and he is not a top QB. I do think Alex Smith will show why he deserves to be a starting QB in this league and will make a case for him to be an elite QB.