Stop Your Whining, Le’Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has spent the entire summer complaining about his contact situation. The Steelers used the franchise tag on Bell, paying him 12.2 million dollars this season. Bell reported to training camp on Sept. 1 after a month-long holdout, leaving most to think the drama surrounding his contract was over.

Bell had other plans. As after the game he liked a tweet from “ESPN Stats and Info” which stated he rushed for a career low in attempts (four) and yards (eight) in a half. A fan noticed Bell liked the tweet, and questioned him on it.

Eight minutes after, Bell responded.

Bell has spent the entire off season making subtle shots at the organization for not paying him but paying others. From liking and posting memes made by former players, to rapping about how he is undervalued, Bell has clearly voiced his displeasure. The time for fun and games, however, is over.

The regular season has now officially begun, and for Bell to be still whining about his contract is immature and selfish. The team won the game in which he only had 13 touches for 47 total yards. If Bell wants a long-term mega deal, he needs to act like a team player. The reason he has not been rewarded for his outstanding play is simply that, his maturity.

Getting suspended multiple times for drug abuse is perhaps the main reason for his franchise tagging. The team is concerned with the maturity level of their young star, and wants to see if he can go even a year without getting busted for marijuana.

The ESPN Stats and Info tweet was not all, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Bell went on to respond to tweets from fans and former teammates.

One fan offered a possible reasoning as to why Bell did not get his much desired touches.

Former Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams offered a different, equally satirical take on the situation, to which Bell responded simply “lol”.

The bottom line is that Bell is not doing himself any favors when it comes to the Steelers. If Bell wanted to earn a big pay day and keep the negative attention off of him and the team, he would stop whining on social media every day.

The actions that Bell is taking are selfish, egocentric actions that a true leader on a team does not take. It is clear to all that Bell only cares about himself and not the team, otherwise he would only be tweeting about the team and its victory, and not his touches.