Andy Dalton and Bengals Offense Having Historically Bad Start

With the Bengals now with two games under their belt, it’s safe to say that they are having serious problems. Andy Dalton has looked as if he has never played Quarterback in his life, missing wide open targets, as well as throwing multiple interceptions.

He has been struggling and has yet to put up a touchdown in either of his games, which the Bengals are the first team since the 1939 Philadelphia Eagles to not score in their first two home openers (touchdowns only).

Basically the Offense has been terrible, and at the helm of all this is the Quarterback. Lets take a look at how the Bengals have done Offensively, and figure out why they haven’t decided to start A.J. McCarron.

Andy Dalton stats:

Through week two, Dalton’s stats look like this:

Touchdowns: 0

Yards: 394

Interceptions: 4

Completion Percentage: 55%

Andy Dalton has put up lack-luster numbers in his first two starts. He opened up the season by throwing four interceptions… so yeah thats not good.  He has yet to lead his team to victory, despite their Defense giving great support. Let alone a victory, he has not been able to score a touchdown, neither passing or rushing.

After two horrific performances, one can begin to question why the Bengals have decided to stick with Dalton. Could it be the fact that they actually believe he will turn it around? Do they plan to tank and start to build around McCarron?

Lets break it down to help understand where Cincinnati may be coming from by deciding to go with Andy Dalton.

Is he going to turn it around?

Well… this is hard to predict as it is only week two of the NFL season, but let’s just go off of what we have seen. The Bengals have played two great Defenses… or have they?

Week one the Bengals took on the Baltimore Ravens, who have started this season on a mission. The Defense of the Ravens has been dominant in the past two weeks, posting outstanding numbers. They have stoned opposing Offenses, only allowing 221 Yards per game, 0 points per game, 144 passing yards per game, and 77 rushing yards per game… that’s not that bad.

USA Today/ Andy Dalton

They killed the morale of that O to kick off the season.

It is safe to say “they played a great Defense”, but is it safe to use that as an excuse? Does that excuse Dalton for throwing four completions to the WRONG team? Absolutely not.

He has looked as if he is “seeing ghosts”, and I do not think he is going to snap out of it. Why not? Think about it this way.

Imagine that you have two big tests to start out the school year, you had the summer to study, you spent the time preparing and getting to know the content, and you come out day one and get a 40. That alone is pretty demoralizing. Then think about this, the week after, you get four days to review more material, you think to yourself “I have to build off of my last grade”… and you come out and drop a 55, and are tied for a record of “worst grades in first two weeks”.

I understand that is a lot to think about, but what I am trying to say is that Dalton’s confidence has taken a huge hit, and now they are attempting to “revive” their Offense by firing their O-Coordinator… lets see how that works.

Week two, the Texans Defense was okay. They have an injured D, but it was easy to contain the nearly “invisible” Offense of the Bengals. As Adam “Pac-Man” Jones said, “If you win field position and defense, you should win the [bleeping] game.”, which not only is a true statement, but it also shows the frustration with the Offense.

The Offense as a whole is in serious trouble… especially if they stay with Dalton.

Why not start McCarron?

AP Photo/ Andy Dalton/ A.J. McCarron

They have had the former Alabama star A.J. McCarron as their backup for four years now, and in my opinion… it’s time to start him.

They most likely have refrained from throwing him in there due to the fact that his contract at the end of the season is up. Look at it in this perspective.

Let’s say A.J. plays great, then his value increases, and teams are willing to offer him some real money…or the Bengals can hide him, resign him for under 16 million a year, and lock up there future Quarterback for pretty cheap.

Basically they are most likely trying to “hide” McCarron to save some money at the end of the year. It makes sense that they would also cut Dalton, as his dead money after this season is around 2 million, therefore it would basically cost them nothing to release him.

So now that we have looked into the Bengals Offense, and why the may keep him in for the season, hopefully all the Bengals fans understand.



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  1. David Harvey

    Not a Bengals fan so I don’t have any stake in this one, but I would disagree with you when looking from the outside in. To me, it looks like the two glaring stats are 3rd down conversions and rushing yards. Granted, Dalton has thrown four interceptions, but look at how they have come. The team is 8/29 on 3rd downs and they only have 159 rushing yards after two games. Not being able to run the ball effectively on 1st and 2nd down is putting them in obvious passing down situations. To his credit, he’s only been sacked 4 times. A less mobile QB would have been sacked more like 7-8 times by now. They guy has thrown for an average of 3,702 yards and 23 touchdowns in his six previous seasons thus far. I don’t see McCarron ever hitting those types of numbers. Dalton is your guy, you just have to get Mixon involved more. He averaged 4 yards per carry against a great Houston D but he only touched the ball 9 times.