Who Will Beat The 0-2 Odds?

Starting off the season with two losses spells doom for a teams chances to make the playoffs. Only 12% of teams that start 0-2 have made the big dance.

However, one team with a poor start has made postseason in the last four years. The Miami Dolphins went 10-6 in 2016, the Houston Texans went 9-7 in 2015, the Indianapolis Colts went 11-5 in 2014, and the Carolina Panthers went 12-4 in 2013. The New York Giants even won Superbowl XLII in 2007 after starting with two losses.

There are eight teams that have started 0-2, and only a few have the ability to make the playoffs.

Teams With No Chance To Beat the odds

New York Jets -The New York Jets are a complete and utter mess. They will most likely end the season with the worst record. They lack any offensive identity and have a bottom of the league defense.

Their defense has allowed 66 points which is the most points in the NFL. They have higher odds of fighting for a number one pick in next year’s draft then they do fighting for a playoff spot.

Cleveland Browns -The Cleveland Browns are a few years away from being a good team, but they are not there yet. With their instability at QB and below average defense.

The Browns are unlikely to break 500. Cleveland is an another team that will be fighting for a number one pick in next year’s NFL draft.

Cincinnati Bengals – The Cincinnati Bengals have only scored nine points in their last two games. They had yet to score a touchdown and fired their offensive coordinator.

The Bengals seem to be in too much disarray to turn this around. They also play in the AFC North which has the Steeler and the Ravens.

This means that they would have to win a wild-card spot and those are taken by the power division,  AFC West.

Chicago Bears -The Chicago Bears have a problem at the quarterback position. With a lack of talent in their wide receivers, the Chicago Bears will not be vying for a wild-card playoff spot.

The NFC North is a stacked division, and they do not have a complete enough team to climb to the top.

Teams That Are On The Edge

Indianapolis Colts -With Andrew Luck still hurt the Indianapolis Colts are at the bottom of the AFC. Veteran running back Frank Gore can’t carry this team and instability at quarterback seems to be the Colts undoing.

The Colts defense has also allowed the second most points with  62  over the first two games. With the rise of the Tennessee Titans, the Colts do not have what it takes to win the AFC South unless Luck comes back soon.

New York Giants – With two of their starting offensive tackles out Eli Manning has been sacked eight times. With virtually no pass protection, the Giants offense has only managed one touchdown.

Even though the NFC North East is open for anyone, the Giants simply do not have the offense to take it.

The only factor that could bring the Giants back is if Odell Beckham has an all-time great season.

San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers defense have had a solid two games, only giving up 17.5 points per game, ranking 9th in the league in defense. However, the 49ers offense is 31st in passing yards and 30th in points scored. This is an another team that could start winning games in a shaky division if they start producing more on offense.

New Orleans Saints – The only reason that the New Orleans Saints have any shot of making the playoffs is due to Drew Brees.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback gives New Orleans a slim chance to do anything this year.

However, if the Saints defense remains as bad as they’ve been then the Saints will have another mediocre year.

Teams that can beat the odds

Los Angeles Chargers – The Los Angeles Chargers have had an upsetting two weeks. They lost their first two games by missed field goals as time expired. It is unlucky if that happens to your team twice in a single year, but this happened to them in back-to-back games.

This is a team that could very easily be 2-0.

The Chargers have an enormous amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Though they play in the AFC West, Los Angeles has the talent to compete with the best teams in the NFL. Led by Phil Rivers, Los Angeles can dig their way out of the 0-2 start.

Walker has a degree in History from Western Michigan University. He is a big fan of the NFL, the NCAAF, the NHL, the MLB, and March Madness.