Fantasy Friday: Week 5 “Time to Move on”

Every year it happens. There are those players you just cannot move on from. You drafted them high, and do not want to be proved wrong about your opinion. You felt so good about drafting this player where you did, and now they stink. When they were drafted it was time for celebration,

But now it is time to move on. Here are the three players who sadly, need to be cut unless your roster is just that desperate for players.

“The Droppables”

Adrian Peterson: 

Adrian, oh Adrian. The expectations were so high when you went to Sean Payton’s high-scoring offense in the off-season. Expectations were so high you were a borderline sixth round pick. What happened? Now you only get 45 snaps through four games? Not a great pass catching back, you simply are too outdated for the Saints pass heavy offense. An offense that targeted fellow back Alvin Kamara 10 times, and Mark Ingram eight in the same game (per @rotogrinders_fb on twitter).


If Adrian Peterson still is taking up a bench spot on your roster, let go of the name. Look at a running back who has 27 carries for 81 yards on the year, and forget his name is Adrian Peterson. Drop him.

Eric Decker: 

The 86th overall wide receiver in fantasy football, Decker is still owned in 58 percent of ESPN leagues. The reason? Name and hope. Decker was a touchdown machine in New York, and in Tennessee he just does not have the same role in the offense. Decker has not topped four receptions in a game so far this season, and with quarterback Marcus Mariota dealing with injuries, his value plummets further.

It is obvious he is the number three in that offense, with Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews getting more total targets than him through these first four weeks. Eric Decker has always been an undervalued fantasy wide receiver, but now he is not worth a roster spot, and is owned more than he should be.

Isaiah Crowell: 

The player on this list with the highest draft price, Crowell is a bust in all sense of the word thus far. The Browns are rarely ever ahead in a game, and that is what will need to take place for Crowell to have any value. That does not look like it will be possible, as the Browns could not get in running situations against the Colts or Bengals, who were both awful up until they played the Browns.

PHOTO CREDIT: Scott R. Galvin//USA TODAY Sports

Drop Crowell, because no one wants to trade for him. Keep him on your roster only if you are too prideful to let him go, or have no other good running backs on your roster. It is sad that a RB2 last year turned into such a dumpster fire, but it is reality.

Good luck this weekend, and as always, it could be worse.


You could be Nick Folk.