Three Takeaways from the Detroit Lions road loss against the New Orleans Saints

1. Matthew Stafford should definitely take some of the blame for this loss

Stafford fumbled on the first drive to give up a touchdown, and he threw two touchdowns for interceptions. The Saints had a total of 13 batted balls at the line as well, and for some reason, Stafford never made the adjustment to the defensive line doing this, even after the first interception for a touchdown happened. Every turnover Stafford had really hurt the team and he was responsible for 21 points worth of turnovers, which is depleting knowing that the Lions lost by 14.

2. The Special Teams unit does look bright for the future

Jamal Agnew has established himself as a dangerous man to punt the football to. He now has two touchdowns from punt returns this year and we are only six games in. It is very great to see that Detroit has adjusted to the special teams aspect of the game, because they have looked great so far throughout the year. Hopefully, they can keep this pace up because special teams plays do make a difference between winning and losing games.

3. Darren Fells has established himself as the starting Tight End

I did mention last week that the Eric Ebron experiment was looking like it was coming to an end, this week really proved that this maybe the case now. Ebron only had one reception for nine yards, while Darren Fells scored another touchdown this week on two receptions for 26 yards. Fells fits the system much better than Ebron in terms of run blocking and now pass catching, so he has earned this starting spot.

Overall, the Lions have been running the same trend the past few weeks, get down big and then try to come back. It didn’t work last week, and it definitely didn’t work this week. The defense didn’t do their part in the 1st half, but when they finally adjusted and forced some turnovers, the offense turned the ball back over at critical times and the Lions got in too big of a hole to get out of. The NFC North is still up for grabs, but the Lions still have a tough schedule ahead of them, but the division could still be theres if they made the right adjustments.