Fantasy Friday: Week 7 “Trade Time”

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday! Last week there was no story, I was on my bye week, my bad.

Now is a critical time of the fantasy season. The halfway point. Time to give up on some players, and buy into others. Amari Cooper’s 11 catch 210 yard performance was proof enough that buying low on players can pay off big time. Here are three players to trade away, and who to trade them for.

Keep in mind all of these hypothetical trades depend on your league. The scoring format, and the owner both matter when it comes to trading.

Carlos Hyde

Trade Carlos Hyde away if you can. The 49ers have been in a tanking mood, cutting Navorro Bowman is proof enough of that. It is only a matter of time that the rumors about trading Carlos Hyde are not rumors anymore.

A good target to trade Carlos Hyde for at the running back position is LeSean McCoy. While that is a longshot usually, you could package Carlos Hyde with a RB2 or WR2, you may be able to convince a Shady owner who is disappointed with his first round pick not scoring more than 12 points in 1/2 point per reception format since week ONE. It’s worth a try, and if you flash Carlos Hyde’s 22 point performance of last week in front of them, they may bite on the trade.

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry has been super consistent this season, scoring 8 points or more in all games except one. His volume is safe and secure. However he’s been doing this in spite of Carson Palmer, who has only nine touchdowns with six interceptions, and has a passer rating of 86.7, his lowest since 2013. Eventually I believe that this will catch up to Fitzgerald, who has 33% of Palmer’s touchdowns and is a bit touchdown reliant. Fitzgerald is not a big yardage guy, just lots of catches and hoping for a touchdown.

Michael Thomas is a great receiver target to aim for if you want to trade Fitzgerald. Despite having three performances of 11 or more fantasy points, he only scored 2.6 in a game where the Saints scored 52 points. That leaves a sour taste in owners’ mouths, and makes him more likely to be bought for low. Especially when the rank for Thomas at the wide receiver position is 22. It looks much worse than it actually is.

Trade for Thomas. The ball will find him, and he is ultra talented.

DeShaun Watson

This one seems crazy, but there is something to be said about capitalizing upon max value. I do not think there is any more valuable in the trade market that Watson can be than he is now. Who do you trade him for? If you can get him, attempt to trade Watson for Tom Brady, and Tom Brady only. Watson easily could be the number one fantasy quarterback, but his schedule does toughen up after the bye.

Watson faces Seattle, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh, all top ten defenses in terms of passing yards per game, with Pittsburgh (1) and Jacksonville (3) being both top five. He faces Jacksonville in week 15, and Pittsburgh week 16. Also known as the fantasy playoffs. Brady faces some good defenses coming up too, but he is more trustworthy, and has proven his skill before against tough defenses.

Frankly, I trust Brady more rest of season, and Watson is a name flashy enough to lure Brady away from a good amount of Brady owners. Give it a shot, and if not, keep Watson and still continue having a solid quarterback. You can always get better is the point of trading away Watson.

That does it for Fantasy Friday: Week 7! Thanks for reading, and remember, it could always be worse. You could be the guy who faced Amari Cooper and Alex Smith last night.