Fantasy Friday: Week 8 “Monday Night Madness”

I hate having my players in Monday Night Football games. There, I said it. Whenever I take a look at my lineup for the week, and I see “Mon” next to the game time, I cringe. Fantasy games that come down to Monday night are the worst.

The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs play Monday night. Since Kansas City is a high powered offense with multiple top fantasy options, many will be suffering from Monday Night pain.

Needless to say, when I saw Kareem Hunt in my lineup scheduled to play Monday night against the Broncos, I was not happy. I had vivid flashbacks to my last three years’ experiences of Monday night madness. We are going to play a game here, called “Traumatize Michael one more time.” Well, here we go.

The Good

Week 3 of 2016. Down 10 with only the lowly Coby Fleener left to play against Atlanta. Somehow, some way, Fleener drops 106 yards and a touchdown. A 6 point win follows. What?

I can vividly remember jumping around my basement when Fleener secured the win for me. I never thought a mediocre tight end would make me so happy. It was a good Monday night. I watched a weird, high scoring game, and I won by the skin of Fleener’s teeth.

It was a pretty exciting time for me, so exciting I would have voted for Fleener.

This is usually never how it goes on Monday Nights when you are down. This is about as rare as LeGarrette Blount getting a reception.

The Bad

Andy Dalton on my team, Tyler Eifert on his. The only thing I need? Dalton to outscore Eifert by THREE points. For a quarterback vs. a tight end, this should be no problem. Unless the tight end catches all of the quarterback’s touchdowns. Eifert had no touchdowns that game, so naturally you would think I would be in the clear. Nope

Nope. Dalton scores 11, Eifert scores 9. The game is tied, and I lose by tiebreaker (QB points). 21 more yards, or Dalton just not making a stupid overthrow (See above video) into double coverage would have given me the win. But alas, the Red Rifle strikes again. Disappointing me when I need him the most.

The Ugly

You would think having the number one fantasy defense through the first seven games and only needing four points would mean easy win.

You would think it would be even easier facing the 1-6 CHICAGO BEARS. Led by Jay Cutler himself. You would be wrong.

That was my only reaction after that game.

Somehow, the Vikings who had never scored less than seven points up to that point, scored negative two. I lost by five to the team that beat me in the championship the year before. I have never been more sad on a Tuesday morning. That is perhaps the worst fantasy moment I have ever had. To get beat, no, DESTROYED by the 1-6 Chicago Bears was the worst, especially when I was so close.

Monday Nights are the worst.