Three Takeaways from the Detroit Lions loss versus the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football

  1. Matt Prater has earned his contract extension

Prater was the entire offense for the Lions as he kicked five field goals, and could’ve kicked more for the team, but they decided to go for it on fourth down on a few occasions when they were in field goal range. Obviously, Prater has earned the contract extension that the Lions gave him because he was the only source of scoring for the Lions this week. The funny thing is, is that if the Lions actually did kick a field goal at every opportunity that they were in field goal range; they could’ve won this game 21-20 with seven field goals. Prater is making his case as one of the best kickers in the league and Lions fans should be glad that he is going to be their guy for the next few years.

2. Jim Bob Cooter needs to figure out better red zone play calls

With as many chances the Lions had to score a touchdown in this game, the play calling wasn’t good enough to get the Lions in the end zone. All of the plays they ran got read by the Steelers and they had an easy time shutting down power runs and covering passes in the red zone. This led to the Lions getting so frustrated that they tried going for it a few times within the five yard line, only to fail. This falls on offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter because he needs to either call different plays, or draw up a different scheme and quit being so predictable in the red zone because as many opportunities as the Lions had to score, to only settle for field goals is a problem.

3. The Lions defense will always be the bright spot of this team

The Lions defense forced two more turnovers, which gives them 16 on the year so far and they seem to accomplish this on a weekly basis. Both turnovers were at big times for the team, but unfortunately, the offense couldn’t take advantage of them though because the interception they forced led to a three and out by the offense and the fumble recovery only led to a field goal. Ultimately, the defense has been the brightest spot for the Lions this season and I do not see them slowing down anytime soon.

Overall, this was another tough loss for the Lions this week. This was a game that they should’ve won, but they couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities that were given to them.  This loss now puts the team at 3-4 and not in too good of a spot to win the division, considering the Vikings are now 6-2. But, the Lions have a big road game next week at Green Bay and if they can win that game, things could be looking better for the team. For now though, things aren’t looking great.