The Team For Eric Bledsoe

Obviously rumors have been swirling on Eric Bledsoe requesting a trade from the Suns. That started when Bledsoe requested a trade in the summer that was not granted. Now that the NBA season has started and the Suns look like just as big a mess as any team, Bledsoe wants out.

It seems like the Suns are willing to trade him too. Eric Bledsoe has been benched twice this season or not even brought to the game.

That is for one reason and one reason only, the Suns and Eric Bledsoe are not seeing eye to eye and they want different things. Right now it clearly looks like the Suns are trying to lose and get in the lottery and they’ve been forcing that for a while.

Bledsoe, who is in the prime of his career, wants to have his talents being put to use in a winning matter. That is why I see this team as the best option for both Bledsoe and the Suns in a trade.

That team would be the Orlando Magic.

Yeah, the Magic.

As they do not seem to be the most appealing team in recent seasons, they have the best record in the East and are playing tremendously.

Aaron Gordon is having his breakout season, Nikola Vucevic is showing his potential to be a top 10 center in the NBA, and overall their team is just working well.

Ok, why would you make a trade and screw all of that up?

The chemistry may be screwed with a bit, but they can’t go wrong with getting a very underrated player in Eric Bledsoe.

Eric Bledsoe has been very consistent throughout his career as a starter. He is a player that can give you 20,7, and 5 at his best.

Bledsoe is definitely at the top of his game at this point in his career. I think if you put him on the Orlando Magic they’ll have a great chance to be a playoff team in a weak Eastern conference.

Now the big question is what would the Magic have to give up? I think the trade would look like this.

Magic trade PG Elfrid Payton, SG Mario Hezonja, and a 2020 First round pick

Suns trade PG Eric Bledsoe

That is a deal that the Suns would be craving to do.

They get two players that have potential to be solid in the NBA and obviously a first round pick is the big prize.

I don’t think if the Magic give up those two that they would have to trade a 2018 or 2019 first rounder because of the players they got.

This trade would give the Magic a starting lineup of Bledsoe, Ross, Fournier, Gordon, and Vucevic with key players like Jonathan Isaac and Jonathan Simmons coming off the bench. That would give them a great rotation full of fast and athletic players.

I think that this would be the best move for both teams and it would make the Orlando Magic a team the NBA should look out for.