Duchene to Senators And More Details

On a late Sunday night, the Avalanche traded away their star center Matt Duchene, who had been centered around trade rumors since the end of last season. Duchene was traded mid-game in New York when Colorado were playing the Islanders, and will now head to Philadelphia to join his new team, the Senators.

The Avalanche and Senators were not the only teams in this deal, with the Predators becoming involved to make his a three team deal. The Predators acquired center Kyle Turris from the Senators, who improves the center position for Nashville. Ryan Johansen and Turris will most likely battle for that starting center spot over the coming weeks.

The Avalanche have acquired prospects Samuel Girard, and Vladislav Kamanev from the Predators, and they also received Boston College draftee Shane Bowers and goaltender Andrew Hammond from the Senators. Bowers was drafted 28th overall by Ottawa in this years draft. Girard, Kamanev and Hammond have all played briefly in the NHL, but mostly have spent their careers in the AHL.


The Senators improved their center position by acquiring Duchene, even though Turris was producing at almost the same level as Duchene this season. When you look at point shares however, Duchene is at a 1.1, while Turris is at 0.6.

Nashville, who I stated earlier that they have improved their center depth, has to be happy with their deal. Girard and Kamanev haven’t produced as much as they wanted, so acquiring a player like Turris is a big win for the defending western conference champions.

The Avalanche of course did not improve their team per se, but they did receive draft picks with a potential star in Shane Bowers, who produced over 50 points in college a year ago. Andrew Hammond has had previous opportunities in the NHL, but has never played well enough to stay there. Perhaps he will get another shot in Colorado, while we know that they don’t have a mainstay goalie at the time.

You can predict and speculate all you want, but I would say we will have to wait on Shane Bowers to reach the NHL to really grade this trade. Yes, the Senators and Predators improved their teams, but what will really decide the winner will be Bower’s production in the NHL. The season has seen its first big trade this season, and maybe this will not be the last we see this year.